Monday, June 30, 2008

We went for Lil's 9 months checkup and she's a grand total of 18 pounds and 6 ounces and she's still a shortie... less than 10th percentile but it's OK! She had a grand time shredding the paper on Dr. Simmon's examination table. She then had to go for her finger stick and blood test. I was totally prepared for wails and tears but she was content to watch the lady and to play with her bracelet with nary a tear shed. OK needless to say, she did not get this from her Mommy, I get woozy at the first sight of a needle! Ususally Noah is game for accompanying us on our errands but couldn't bear the thought of seeing "Sis" get her blood drawn so he opted to stay with Nana. He's growing up so fast... I can't believe I"ll have a five year old in a few months.

Noah Thomas has also been in "casting" lessons with Papa. I'm ashamed to report that he is much better at casting a fishing pole than I am. He also then attempted to help me out and instructed me to "just take your time Mama..."

My little beach baby

OK so how cute is this little beach baby? I realize that she looks like "Pebbles" with her leopard print bikini and the ponytail but it was too cute not to post!!!!

Her Daddy says that I better enjoy this picture now cause there will be no more pictures of his angel in a binkini when she gets older. I love the little belly roll hanging out from her suit around the middle.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Perhaps I've figured it out...
It's amazing to me that I can design and build my own photography website and I can't seem to figure out how to post these photos any larger. Assistance anyone???
Thought you guys might want to see some highlights from our recent family excursion to Cincinatti/Lousiville. We had a lovely time! However, we mistakenly let Noah pick out a CD to listen to on the ride there and we ended up listening to "I"m Hunting for Dracula" no less that 900 times I'm sure...

Lil was just glad to be along for the ride and Noah was absolutely beside himself with excitement of going on "bacation." He insisted that he would miss Nana terribly. Keep in mind people we were gone a grand total of three days...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

OKOKOKOK!!! Thanks to all my friends who have gotten me hooked on this "blogging" business. As if I don't have enought irons in the fire! Oh well, this will give me a little free time for Mommy and maybe I can keep up with my friends whom I don't get to talk to on a regular basis! Exciting news in the Parsley family...

Dear Daddy is now the big 30, which we celebrated at home with his favorite meal (BBQ ribs and dirt cake!) He got a new grill that we are happily using, and then we all went to revival @ Jock! It was a great day and I am dutifully reminding him that he has crossed over to the thirties while I blissfully remain in my twenties (shortlived as they may be...)

Today we became an aunt and uncle as Travis' brother and sis-in-law welcomed their beautiful baby boy to the world. We love him already.

I think that's enough for my first post...I'm supposed to be on the treadmill and yes it's 10 at night and I still have some hours of computer work ahead of me...