Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a weekend

We finished up our big spring/summer consignment sale this weekend and for a first go round, with a little less planning time than we hoped we were VERY pleased with the outcome. We jointly sold very close to $1,000! We picked our dates for the fall sale and already have several more people interested in becoming sellers! I also got to spend two days with some great friends that I don't always get to spend too much time with! I had LOTS of fun with you girls...even if we did almost get blown away by the wind!

We wrapped up the sale today just in time today for me to make it in time to Noah's first ballgame of the season. It was very exciting and the Cardinals won the game!!! We struggled a little last year but we are off to a GREAT start! I was so proud of all the sweet boys!

On a side note...Lil did manage to throw one of her famous fits in front of all my consignment buddies (over wanting to get into the swimming pool for the fourth time) and then another one at the ballgame over something that I can't remember at the moment. Seriously the fit throwing is about to get the better of me. I have tried ignoring, I've tried spanking, I've tried it all. I suppose it will run it's course...or be the death of me!

So in closing, I am a very exhausted pregnant girl today, but it's been a fun weekend!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring/Summer Sale!!!

Me and some other Mom's have organized a children's spring/summer consignment sale to be held next Friday and Saturday, April 16th and 17th beginning at 8 am both days. (Signs and balloons will be posted) On Saturday, a majority of items will be marked 1/2 price!!!

We are selling children's clothing, shoes, bedding, furniture, toys, books, baby items, and maternity clothing in a large variety of sizes in good condition only. There will be lots of Gymboree, GAP, Polo, The Children's Place, Strasburg, as well as a variety of boutique brands and smocked items.

Ashley Edwards, owner of Willow Tree Designs, will also have a craft booth set up and be selling new handmade children's items as well as taking orders for custom creations.

There will be some prizes given away from J. Parsley Photography as well.

We are very excited about the upcoming sale and we plan to make it an annual Spring event with a large annual Fall sale as well.

If you are interested in consigning any like new children's items please email me @ and I will forward you the instructions of how to list your items and the appropriate drop off times.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't Wait

You remember the room conundrum I was having a few months ago when I couldn't decide where I would situate everyone when new baby comes? Well I think over the last few days we have resolved it and tonight I took a break from photo editing for a few minutes to order their bedding.

My final solution? Noah's new bedroom is the big room that also shares a couch and an entertainment center where he has movies, his wii, etc. It adjoins Lilly's bedroom (which is still her bedroom). And new baby sister is going to be moving into Noah's old bedroom. Everyone's furniture is moved and arranged and I'm just waiting on bedding to arrive from Pottery Barn. I'm so excited I can't stand it. If you recall I loved the matching brother/sister room from pottery barn but I just couldn't convince myself that Lil and Noah could reasonably share a room for very long. Then my darling Mom pointed out that it didn't matter if they shared a room, their rooms adjoined and you could still see both beds and it would still be darling if there bedding coordinated. So that's what I did. I ordered the "Kasey" bedding, (his in blue and hers in pink) and I"m having their names monogrammed on the pillow shams. They both have little Oak beds, so that will coordinate as well. I hope I love it as much as I think I will. I have yet to order Annie's bedding but I have found some that I love, so we'll see!

Also, when we moved in the house two years ago I did their bathrooms in the Pottery Barn Spring meadow stuff (bugs, butterflies, etc). The colors match all of this bedding and it has held up SO WELL that it will all go together too!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miss Lilly Grace

As I make preparations for the arrival of baby #3 it occurs to me that my other baby is growing up so fast! She is looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a little girl. She now has a fondness for all things princess, shoes, jewelry, and the color "lellow".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter Sunday was a busy one around here as usual. The kiddos woke up early to see what the Easter Bunny had left. Noah got a camo basket filled with camo eggs and Lil got all princess themed stuff. The smart little bunny also brought tons of candy from "Peanut Free Planet" which sells allergen friendly chocolates, etc.
We then made it to Sunday School and after the service the kiddos got to do a little egg hunt. After the hunt, we ate lunch at Travis' parents house and then we went to visit Nana and Papa in Bowling Green because Dad was still in the hospital. Later that afternoon Beth came over to visit as well.
We had a fun and tiring day. Enjoy the photos!!!