Friday, October 10, 2008

Pictures are coming and they are CUTE!

Ok Friends, forgive me for being out of touch. Before Darling Trav got home, myself and the two munchkins contracted the lovely stomach virus on the same day that my mom (who rescues me from all other calamities) got it. My Daddy (bless his soul) came to my rescue... and he and Pappaw Randy wrangled the two children while I chugged down Finagrin (i know that's spelled wrong) and took turns stumbling to the bathroom and praying to not pass out and rebreak my bionic leg (pet name for my steel reinforced leg bone and ankle.) Anyway, thankful that the stomach flu comes and goes violently but quickly....

On to happier news...Travis finally got home from Lousiana after 3 weeks. He took a much needed week off from work and enjoyed the time home with us. We have had so much fun having Daddy back at home and we've done the home thing a lot. (Watching TV, swinging on the swingset, staying up too late) I have flown around like a crazy woman trying to catch up from 3 weeks of single parenting (single mother's I SALUTE you...seriously I have no idea how you do it) I have tried to be a kind and loving wife and ignore the fact that Travis is addicted to FoxNews and we must DVR all the debates and such and then we must comment to the television while they are happening (as if we're cheering on a ball game.) I also find it amusing that I come into a room to find Travis staring very intently at his lap top. I think he's doing something important for work..when I inquire what he's doing, he squints, rubs his forhead and tells me, "I'm trying to figure out my fantasy nascar picks..) this takes an hour... He has entertained us with stories of all the weird things that he ate, how Hooters has the "best hot wings" this man-code for something else?, and how they have dog sized rats in New Orleans called nutrias that sit on their hind legs. Gee Dad, who needs a new puppy, why didn't you bring us home a giant rat....

Anyway, I'm enjoying having things back to normal (or as normal as they get in the Parsley house). Even if I am back to finding spit bottles all over my house....(Travis if you're reading this...please stop dipping...I love you...I do not love your spit....)

Updates for next post...we broke down and let Noah get a new puppy (after the untimely death of Little Mel...we not have little Susie...)

We got to have Lil's birthday party. It was just family (but when you combine the Brooks/Stevenson's and the Parsley's that is over 50 people.) I'll post pictures soon.