Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just because she's so darn cute...

OK I loved the pictures of Gracie in her coat that Terri posted on her blog so I was inspired to take some of Lil' before she outgrows her pink "fur". She is so funny and the last picture posted is of her giving me the typical Lilly look. She's like, "OK mom you have about 10 seconds to get this done and I'm laying in the floor and takin' my coat off and messing up my hair!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Motherhood...It's Not for the Weak Hearted (or Stomach for that matter!!!)

Attention Attention Attention...if you have a weak stomach stop reading right now...
OK I warned you...

I am a weenie...squeamish...whatever word you want to use...plug my name in and it describes me. Basically I passed out in Parenting Class in High school watching the birthing video...only we didn't get to the birth part. I blacked out at the nurse standing beside some peice of medical machinery. Yep things of this nature totally leave me weak in the knees (and not in a good way)

So fast foward to January 09. My poor little Lilly Grace has had a horrible case of diahhrea since New Years. We've tried everything, attributed it to teething, too much juice, etc and to no avail, she's still "going" 6 or 8 times a day. So Friday night she wakes us with a really high fever so it's off to the doctor on Saturday morning. Basically she has a ear infection, possibly the flu virus and get this...we don't know what is causing the digestive problems. But, could I possible bring in some stool samples on Monday morning to run some lab work? Of course I can....

So Monday morning bright and early I'm collecting the samples to take to the lab...dirty diaper...gloves...test tubes from the lab...the whole deal. I also am gagging my head off and trying not to puke in the test tubes...pretty sure this would mess up the lab results. I'll spare you the gory details...but as I'm driving my lovely specimens of Lilly's to Grave Gilbert Clinic on Monday morning I have decided that the educators that are trying to prevent teen pregnancy have it all wrong. They make girls take home those computer babies that cry and you have to carry them around and feed them and such...nope if they really want teenagers to prevent having babies at a young age...I feel certain that they should make them all get close up and personal with dirty diapers and a lovely fact of parenthood called "somebody's gotta do it and it's gonna be Mama..." you all...hope you weren't eating when you read this...but all of you Mama's have probably done this or worse so I know you understand.

PS...Travis laughed his head off and entertained his buddies at the office with stories of my morning "duties" Thanks babe, keep reminding me that I wanted to stay home with the kids....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a quick post

Lilly Newborn

Noah Newborn

So sometimes right in the middle of my day...reality of how fast my babies are growing up hits me square in the face. Today, I'm going about my normal business, cleaning up lunch dishes and folding a load of laundry all while trying to change out Lilly's next size of clothing for storage. I came across a preemie outfit that she wore alot that somehow didn't get packed up with the newborn things. It is so so so tiny and I can remember very clearly when it was still a little big on her. Now she's 16 months old, 20 pounds and toddles all over the house eating everything in sight. She loves to wave "bye" points out her ears, eyes, etc, and she thinks her big brother is the greatest person on God's green earth.

While I'm being all sentimental over this tiny peice of cotton Noah saunters in to the room sighing and saying that he's bored. He says, "Mom come play a game with us." So I drop what I'm doing at 1 pm and we spend the rest of the day having a ball in our toy room. The laundry wasn't done, the totes were still out in the bedroom, but my babies are going to grow up soon enough. I want to enjoy every moment with them that I can. I know that one day soon, it will be me asking to spend time with him.