Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Know She's Mine But...

As the heading reads, I know this baby is mine but, she really is the sweetest little thing ever...

Just wanted to make a quick post about some of Annie's little milestones I don't want to forget.

She's 9 months now and she really is a petite little thing. She's in the 26th percentile for height and weight and is wearing size 6 to 9 month clothes and size 2 or 3 diapers. She has just in the last week cut her top two front teeth (which she ran a small fever and had diarrhea along with!)

She is eating baby food, puffs, and cheerios and can eat a real banana. She loves cheerios and puffs the most along with her cereal. She's OK with baby food but would prefer puffs!
She still has an occasional touch of eczema on the bends of her ankles, but the rest of her skin is doing well as long as we stick to the scent free dye free detergent's, soaps, etc (which we do for the bigger kids anyway)

She really loves her big brother, likes to watch lilly from a distance (HA) likes to play with Daddy but is really a Mommy's girl at heart. She likes to know that I'm near and sleeps wedged right up next to me. She is still getting up alot during the night, but she is a lot like Noah as a baby and he was just not a sound sleeper and neither is she. Lil was a champion sleeper, the other two not so much! But it passes so we're dealing!

Most people say she looks like me or Noah and I must agree (her baby pictures look alot like mine!) She definitely has the "Stevenson" look.

She is crawling like a manwoman and does the funniest thing. She cocks one leg up under her when she crawls like she would like to stand up any minute. She is also pulling up and I think will be crusing the furniture any day.

She is the only one of my children who have ever had to be strapped into their high chair. The other two would sit like they were supposed to. Annie has figured out how to pull up and sit on the tray, she's a little monkey!

Anyway, she does have the sweetest little disposition unless you try to take her too far from her Mommy and then she will let you know about it, and I kind of like it that way! HA!

what did we ever do without our sweet youngest baby? Love this girl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7 more days...

Yikes...I counted up the days of school left and it's SEVEN. Seven more school days until I officially have a second grader...meaning one more school year has come and gone! And not to mention that this year has brought many changes to my baby boy... like he has had his first sleepover with the "guys", he is very aware of what is cool and what is not, he cares about his clothes, like alot, and also breaks into his Daddy's cologne every morning before school... hmm...not so sure about this grown up boy stuff. He also wanted me to stop signing the notes I pack in his lunch box as "mommy" and just sign it as "mom." I know the next thing will be he doesn't want notes in his lunchbox at all. He also informed Nana that she can't call him "Baby" at school. Poor Mom and me, we'll take to our beds I suppose when he has his first date. HA!

But seven or fifty-seven...this cool guy will always be my BABY...whether he'll admit it or not....

I do have to add on a funny little note about Noah I don't want to forget. He thought he would surely die before the dance recital was over on Sunday. He perked up long enough to watch his sister and then he wanted to see his buddies Mollie and Macy, but the rest of the recital he thought he would surely perish before it was over...and the fact that he had to wear his church clothes during the entire program was more than his little heart could bear. HA! Note to self....a three hour long dance recital is not high on the agenda of most enjoyed activities of a first grade boy! Now keep in mind that his sister has endured several hours worth of basketball and baseball games as his biggest supporter, but nonetheless one dance recital just about did Noah in.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

Yesterday marked the big event that Miss Lilly has been working toward since August...the dance "cital" as she called it. We went to dance every Friday morning for the past 9 or so months and she has really enjoyed it. She didn't always do what she was exactly supposed to in class and spent a little more time socializing that I would have liked, but never the less, she made it to the recital. We went for dress rehearsal on Tuesday night and I was so proud of my baby! She did so well and looked so sweet on stage I could have cried! When the big day came on Sunday, my friend Stephanie warned me of the chaos that was a dance recital, and let me tell you, she was right. There was hair, and makeup, and costume drama, and trying to find a parking spot on campus and then it rained some, but we made it and the show went off without a hitch. Lilly was beautiful, and to be a little 3 year old performing on a huge stage in front of a huge crowd, she did awesome!!!

Lilly had a great cheering section, of me and Daddy, Noah, Annie, Nana, Papa, Pappaw, Granny, Aunt Beth, And Uncle Nick and Aunt Brooke.

It was a fun day and our little ballerina was so worn out she came home and took a 4 hour nap and then woke up to eat some cookies and went to bed for the night. HA! It's hard work to be a superstar!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Eve...

Just thinking about the precious boy who made me a Mommy seven years ago and how time has flown since this photo was taken. From the second he bounded into my world, he changed everything for me. I went from being me to being someone's Mom. From that second on, I've never looked back. I don't know what I did before him, and I can't fathom what I would do without him and his sweet baby sisters. They are my entire world.
Right now, my days from morning until night consist of what they want and need. I know that these days are all too fleeting and someday I will miss the days when someone needs a drink of water or another hug or one more story. So for all of you Mommy's out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I should probably seek some help...

I mean seriously, it's crazy...even ridiculous I know...

they don't have to match everywhere we go...

but it's




I'm sure there is a twelve step program somewhere