Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Kindergarten

We made it! Today the whole family attended Noah's kindergarten graduation. Me, Travis, Lilly and Papa cheered him on from the bleachers and of course since Nana was a part of the classroom she had to help with the ceremony. They did several sweet songs and Noah was totally in his element. He was quite the entertainer and I think he was pretty convinced it was the Noah show and everyone else was just his backup singers...

Anyway, I cried through some of it, ok a lot of it. It's just hard for me as a Mom to come to terms with that we're really here already. Next year will be first grade and it's real school...

Anyway, Noah had a great time and we spent the rest of the day celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese with his buddy Jarrett (and Lilly and Eli too!) afterwards Jarrett came home with us so the boys could play and they had a blast. Now we're ready for the summer fun to start!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Days

This week has been super science in Kindergarten which Noah has loved...the only problem...every project we came up with to do somebody would do it before him. His group was today (the last day). The old Internet (and Ms. Lesley) pulled through and we managed to find some projects that nobody else had done. I love this picture that Ms. Lesley took. There's nothing like pretending to pour out water on your buddy's head...

Also we had errands to run today in BG so we met up with Stephanie and Maggie for a little lunch date at Pizza Hut. It was fun!

Tomorrow is the big kindergarten graduation. It seemed like it just started and now it's over but I'll save my tears for tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago Noah's class took their field trip to the Glasgow Fire Department and then to play at Extreme Gymnastics. I went along for the fun and he had a blast. He was very serious about the whole fire house business but then ran around like a little monkey at the play place. He was SO excited to get to ride the bus to and from Glasgow! Here are a couple of pics from the day. For some reason I didn't get any at Extreme Gymnastics. Lil spent the day playing with Maggie!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank You Sir for Your Public Service Announcement

One word...Walmart...

Seriously it strikes fear into the hearts of mothers of least mothers of toddlers like Lilly.

Have I mentioned lately that Lilly is having a little um issue with temper tantrums? Well in case you missed it the girl has quite a temper. We've tried every trick in the book and to no avail she continues to have fits each and every single day. In the comfort of our own home I calmly step over her and go about my business...or she gets a spanking...or she gets a time out....really doesn't matter...she still throws the fits.

Fast forward to today. I HAD to go to Walmart. We were out of milk, diapers, detergent, you get the picture. I planned my trip spectacularly. I waited until Lilly had a good nap, a good lunch, plenty of playtime with Mommy and she was in a fairly good humor when we set off.

So when we arrive at Walmart all my careful planning flies clear out the window going down Campbell Lane. We are no sooner in the door than my darling child starts wailing for stickers. OK a walmart greeter two months ago happened to give Lilly a sticker and the child hasn't forgotten it. It was at a different walmart and apparently the campbell lane walmart doesn't hand out aforementioned stickers. So the first round of tears ensues. We manage to get past that crisis and head down the aisles. We stop for our first purchase and a nice looking older lady is stopped in front of what we need. No problem, I just wait for her to move. It took 3 seconds for Lilly to notice we had stopped moving and for her to yell at the poor lady "MOVE!!!" in her shrill two year old voice....the lady wheels around and gives Lilly a look and I just truck it on down the aisle...I'm pretty sure Travis can live without deodorant for another day.

Let's see....I am trying to pacify her to look at small books, little toys, whatever to get through the store and she proceeds to fling them out the side of the cart along with her pacifier. Which she then wails about because her paci is in the floor.

Still we keep trucking. It's been oh maybe five minutes. I wheel around to the milk aisle and there is no way to keep Lil from spotting the giant McDonalds. Doesn't matter that we just ate, Lilly wails for chicken. Fine...chicken if you will be quiet. Thank you McDonalds for posting ten thousand signs about not having a cart in there so I have to unhaul my two year old long enough to stand in line for a happy meal while she tries her best to climb the counter, carry other people's trays, etc. etc.

We finally get the happy meal which she then refuses to eat. She does however dutifully rip the top to her Sprite and proceed to fish the ice out. I just paid $4.00 for my child to eat ice through walmart. Awesome...

Since Lil is not eating her happy meal, I reach in and get a french fry. She sees me and then cries some more. Oh yes, and then a nice lady tells Lilly how pretty she is with which Lilly responds by crossing her arms, sticking her lip out and yelling, "I not pretty!!!"

I'm pretty sure Walmart frowns on using the belts in the men's department to spank your child with, but the thought was beginning to cross my mind.

Finally thank goodness we manage to get to the checkout lines. You know the checkout lines at Walmart where there are 900 people and two checkout lines open. We just pick one and stand there. Lil proceeds to unbuckle her seat, to stand up, to perch on top of the cart, to grab everything within get the picture.

Finally finally we get to leave the wretched Walmart. Did I mention that trolling around Walmart and the stress of temper tantrums nearly always sets off a round of annoying Braxton-Hicks contractions? Yep, that's fun as well.

We then proceed 200 miles out to our parking spot. With Lilly kicking and screaming the whole way because she doesn't want to ride in the cart she wants to walk...except she pulled her shoes and socks off way back in the milk aisle....

And for the best part of today's story. Did anyone notice that it was 90 degrees today? Yep, and does everyone remember how hot a parked car gets while parked in the walmart parking lot in the ninety degree sun, OK....

Lilly doesn't do well getting strapped into a car seat on a good day, and today was NOT a good day. And try to strap a fit throwing sweaty screaming two year old into a car seat while the car is nice and hot and you get the picture. So then I commit the Walmart sin of sins. I choose to not walk my cart a hundred miles down the aisle to put in back in the cart corral. Instead I choose to not fry my child and just push it securely up against a concrete light pole, it wasn't free-wielding down the street, it wasn't careening against other peoples cars, it was just not in the corral.

Then a SOUR older man YELLS at me from across the line of cars and says," It goes over there, you NEED TO PUT YOUR CART UP."

I turn around and look at him blankly for a second, trying to register what he is saying. Oh did I mention he had also paused his cell phone conversation to point this out to me. After I come back to my senses, I did something fairly out of character for me, I yelled back, "I have a crying two year old in the 100 degree car! Would YOU like to watch her while I put this cart away?!?" I wanted to add on "Idiot," but I held back.

Seriously?!? Sir you have nothing better to do than instruct a 29 year old nearly 8 months pregnant frazzled out mother that she needs to put her cart back in the cart bin???? I then get in my car, crank the air up and do what any other stressed out mom does. I let the pregnancy hormones get the best of me and I cry all the way back to Brownsville.

The End

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playin' Catch Up

Wow it's been a long time since I put anything at all on my blog. We have been really really busy as usual but it's been upped a notch with the ever approaching arrival of baby #3.

What have we been doing?

Lots of the ordinary business....



birthday parties

doctors appointments

play dates

more work

cleaning out toy rooms

making room for new baby

repainting rooms


1 bad stomach virus...

flood relief engineering (that would be Trav not me)

preparing for our last week of kindergarten (Noah)

hmmm...I know there's more I just can't think of anything right now...

Oh yeah...being excited over two of my best friends in the world announcing they're expecting (one with baby number #1 and one with baby #3)

And just because I know you've missed it I've included a photo of my two little munchkins in their matching attire for Mother's Day weekend. Enjoy! I promise to not wait a month this time before my next entry....or at least I promise to TRY...