Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're back...but not really...

Ah, the wonders of flu season...oh you didn't know it was flu season? Yep, most people are blessed with the flu in the months of November to February. My sweet little Noah manages to contract it last week after spring has officially sprung. Bless his heart, neither he or Lilly Grace gets the flu vaccine (because of their egg allergies...the flu vaccine is made of eggs). So every year we manage to get it. In my previous post I mentioned that he didn't feel well the night that the revival started, well by Saturday he was a very very sick little boy. Long story short, we took him to get tested and he was positive for Flu type a. They treated him with two antivirals and treated our entire family as well. Travis ended up sick anyway and spent the middle part of the week in bed. My poor dad kept the kids the day Noah was getting sick (before we realized It) and he came down with the flu and is still not well after an entire round of tamiflu. Thankfully, Noah got much better and by the weekend I thought we were in the clear. Not so fast...Saturday night I woke up with a horrible sore throat and my head aching. I chalk it up to allergies and chug on...I mean Mom's don't get sick days! Monday morning Lil gets up with green goo coming out of her nose and eyes and by midday she is vomiting after a violent coughing fit. We try saline, suction, cool mist, decongestants and a breathing treatment. By nightfall she has 101.5 temp. Basically, this morning we leave the pediatricians office with a diagnosis of double ear infection, pink eye in both eyes and upper respiratory infection. Before I can pull out of the parking lot to come home, Mom calls my cell phone to tell us that Noah's eye is swelled and running. My two darlings refuse to share toys but will gladly share pink eye!!! Oh and my "allergies" have reared their nasty head and affected my asthma into full blown bronchitis so I'm on a round of sterioids and antibiotics (thank God for Dr. Cavanah, our allergist!)

I'm seriously thinking about just giving my bank account number to Graves Gilbert Clinic and CVS Pharmacy so they can just empty it out periodically. It would be so much easier...
But seriously, I don't care what else I have to spend if my babies would just get well, They've both been sick off and on since December and after Noah's eye scare we're so ready for a break...
On a happier note, I'm getting ready to post where people can start voting on the photography contest!!! It's going to be fun!!!

I should mention something funny that did happen today. We had to make a quick trip to a different pharmacy to pick up some probiotics for Lilly to supplement with, and she is the sickest most pitiful looking little girl you've ever seen. I took her to the doctor in her pj's cause she was too sick to get up and change. She has two swollen eyes, a bright red nose, and her mass of curls was totally out of control after fever, etc. Anyway, you would have thought she was Miss America in the drug store. She waved and grinned and said "Hi" and "Bye" to at least 20 people before we left the pharmacy. OK and only 10 of those people looked at me like, "You idiot mother, that baby is sick, take her home and put her to bed..." People that's what I'm trying to do....

Friday, March 20, 2009


Just letting everyone know I won't be posting anything for awhile. Our revival started at Jock tonight and I will have more important matters at hand than my current blogging addiction. Unfortunately, I had to go to church tonight alone because my two babies are under the weather so Daddy stayed home and tended the nest. I'll be glad when everyone is feeling better again. We both feel like it is so important for us to go to church together as a family and when one or the other doesn't get to go it doesn't feel whole. I get overwhelmed taking two small kids to church services and I get so stressed out when they are loud or messy or whatever but when my five year old looks at me and tells me that we got to revival to help someone get to go to heaven someday I know that it's worth every minute.

Sorry to be such a disappointment

So, in light of UK's not so stellar season, I was thinking the next logical thing would be to root for Louisville. You know, they're still from Kentucky, and I still kind of have a thing for Pitino...Anyway...I mentioned this in passing to Travis and he shot me a look that was straight from...well it was NOT nice. I think we narrowly missed divorce discussion and it ended with "We should not discuss this and Pitino is a TRAITOR" which apparently is the list that I qualify for as well. I didn't realize our marriage vows should have included "I vow never to come between my husband and his TEAM!"

On a lighter note, I am mother of the year who still lets her 18 month old drink a bottle. I figure it's not going to hurt her, she just stopped nursing a month ago so I still think we're making progress. Problem is, she now has her own word for her bottle "mih baba" and she will yell it from the top of her lungs until she gets one, warmed up thank you very much. Oh well, you gotta give it to a girl for persistence!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help me out Girls!

Hey eveyone, I'm throwing a net out there and see if anyone can help me! I'm needing to find a location for this weedend that has a field of march lillie's blooming. Does anyone have one or know someone who does who wouldn't mind me taking a quick photo session there? Any help would be so so so appreciated (Read appreciated like I'll do a free photo session for you as well if you want!!!) Forward this link to anyone you think might have a contact and I'll see what we can do. Thanks Everyone. PS The contest entries are looking SO cute...I'm going to post some previews soon. I still have a few slots often for the model search (see previous post) so mention it to anyone who might be interested in my using their kids for some of my ads and displays!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calling all Cuties...Model Search

As you all know, I own and operate J. Parsley Photography. I started a few years ago and my business has grown and grown, and I LOVE it!!! Especially doing portraits of babies, toddlers, and little ones.... So I'm getting to the exciting part...

I am hosting a two week model search. I haven't updated my web and gallery images for a while and I'm in the process of publishing new marketing material for the studio. The contest is open to boys or girls. So, if you're interested, email me or make a comment back and I'm offering a FREE session in my studio with one child. I've already had several people book appointments so if you're interested DO NOT WAIT until the last minute. The final day for the contest will be March 28th.

So what's the "contest" you ask? Each of my little models are going to be uploaded into a gallery for viewing. You can then email the link to your friends, neighbors, etc and they can email me with their vote. The model with the most votes by March 28th at midnight is going to receive a 16x20 wall portrait from J. Parsley Photography (This is a retail value of $80) They will also be my featured model in some upcoming advertisements. This contest is just for fun and for me to gain some great new images to use as advertising. It will not cost you anything. The proofs from the session will be available for viewing and/or purchasing at a discount if you choose but there is absolutely NO obligation to purchase anything.

But the most exciting part is this... top vote getters are going to be entered by me into a National Competition that is currently in process. Anyone can vote for your child and the price of $1 per vote. All of the proceeds go to the "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" non profit organization. (NILMDTS.org) If your little model makes it into the running their portrait will be on a national website and be in the running for lots of cool prizes including cash and a canon camera. (Please see http://www.sandypucmodels.com/) Entrants of this contest must be between the ages of 18months and 14 years. Voting ends April 2nd and winner will be announced in May.

So in short, this is a chance to get a FREE portrait session, be entered into my contest to win a 16x20 wall portait as well as be featured in my new ads and then possibly be entered into a national search (and it's for a great cause!!!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Because it's so much fun on facebook

I know, I know, I know, you either love the random "notes" on facebook or you hate 'em. Well unfortunately I happen to love them. I'm pretty sure that it's vain to enjoy writing about yourself, but here goes anyway

20 Totally random things about me

1) I have way more hobbies than I have time. I love to read, take pictures, make stuff, cook, bake, make candles, scrapbook, etc. etc. etc. I could go on. I have been known to go on three and four hours of sleep a night just so I could do some of the stuff I like after the babies have gone to sleep. My husband knows this about me, thinks it's quite strange, and shakes his head. However, after the last "hobby" enabled me to have enough income to quit doing hair and to stay home with and raise our family...he's become quite a fan of my photography "hobby" However, he did nip it in the bud when I told him I'd love to know how to sew...

2) I am a horrible worrier. I can worry with the best of them. I worry about more things than could ever possibly befall one human in a lifetime, but it doesn't stop me from worrying. I used to worry about Mom and Dad, me and Travis...then the babies were born...they have since provided me with a constant birage of new worries....Then I worry about what my constant worrying is doing to them and if they will be in counseling one day telling a psychologist how much their mother used to worry about them. It's a vicious cycle really.

3) I drive like a grandma. Seriously... I rarely ever speed, I sometimes have to consciously drive fast enough to not have cars backed up behind me like a parade. I'm not sure why this is, it's been the same since I was a teenager.

4) I CANNOT stand the sound of someone's teeth hitting a fork. The sound of teeth on metal drives me insane. Seriously, Travis and I have had several arguments over why he has to bite a salad fork

5) I used to be totally convinced that I would never be able to have kids (Please see random fact #2) You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out I was expecting Noah.

6) I am an only child but I have a huge extended family. My mom is one of five kids and my daddy is one of four. I'm closer to my cousins than most people are to their actual siblings. We don't usually leave family functions without a huge round of hugs and kisses. I love this about my family, I've loved it since I was a child, and my kids think nothing of 20 people hugging and kissing them every time we leave my Mammaw's.

7) Both my children have food allergies. Neither me or my husband have food allergies. We are both allergic to everything else under the sun. We both had the same allergist as children. Dr. Rheem used to tell us both, "Never marry someone with allergies." Go figure...

8) Both Travis and I have lived in Edmonson County our entire lives and can both honestly say that we've never had any desire to live anywhere else or ever expect to want to. We talked about getting married on our first date and we meant it. I was 14 and he was 17. People think that's small town and ridiculous. I could care less. When you know, you just know.

9) I was pretty much a nerd in school, but I was very in denial. I graduated with a 4.0 at high school and continued it through Western. I however, hated to study and am still not sure how I managed those grades. I did love and still do love to read.

10) I have lived an incredibly sheltered life and most of my friends know it. I've never smoked a cigarette and never tasted the first drop of alcohol. I'm not bragging...that's just how it happened. I definitely had the opportunities, I think I was always scared my Daddy would find out... I realize that a lot of people think this is ridiculous and that I'm "uncultured" or whatever and that's fine. I can honestly say I don't care in the least.

11) I love coffee and I I will drink it any time of the day or night. Travis detested coffee until our darling Noah was born and he refused to sleep (Noah I mean, Travis would gladly sleep) Travis learned to love coffee and now drinks it as much as I do. He drinks his coffee out of a cup with Noah's baby handprint on it, and for Christmas got me a mug with Lilly's baby hand print on it. We'll probably be drinking out of those mugs when our kids are in college.

12) Families with lots of kids fascinate me. I DVR epidsodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 17 kids and counting. I have no desire to actually give birth or to raise that many kids, I just think it's amazing that they have any sort of order. I have trouble keeping a family of four running smoothly.

13) I am scared of hearing people talk in their sleep if I don't expect it. All of the members of my people (including Lilly Grace who is only 17 months old) talk in their sleep. It still makes me jump if I'm not expecting to hear them. Noah does say hilarious things though, and Travis mainly fusses at people he works with...this is funny in itself...but hearing people talk at 2 am still creeps me out.

14) I have a birthmark on my right wrist you've probably never noticed.

15) I can never remember to charge my cell phone or to keep it where I can hear it. I know people who try to call me on my cell phone hate this...it's never on and it's never with me. Seriously, if you've ever been able to reach me on my cell phone consider yourself lucky. Travis recently bought me a blackberry hoping I would use it more...at the same time, it infuriates me if I call Travis on his cell phone and I can't reach him... doensn't he know it could be an emergency?

16) I am perhaps the most unathletic person you'll ever meet. I've never been athlethic and I have pretty much given up all hope at this point. I am all for my kids being athletic but they' won't get it from me.

17) I never thought that I would be "OK" with driving a minivan. But you know what, I'm almost 30, I'm a mother of 2, and most places I go I need two car seats, a stroller, a diaper bag and a camera tripod...a minivan suits me just fine.

18) I could not tell you my eye color. Seriously, they're either, green or blue or gray and I don't think anyone else could tell you either. I've asked people, they look and then they say ,"Well they're kinda of, I mean well they are, " then they never answer, it's OK, i don't have an answer either.

19) I have had a couple of fears since I was a child. Snakes, housefires, and traintracks. I read a story once about the vibrations from a train being able to stall the locks on your car and I've never been able to get it out of my head. One of my best friends in the world lives in a house that you have to cross train tracks (with no light no less) to get there. I could panic thinking about having to get there across those stupid train tracks.

20) I absolutely, undeniably, know the power of prayer. The Lord had mercy enough to save me when I was a 9 year old girl and I began a relationship that day that has sustained me until now, and will continue to sustain me for eternity. I have had prayers answered in ways that were so real that they could have been spelled out on paper in front of me. I however, am just now getting far enough along on my journey with God to begin to understand that sometimes when God doesn't answer a prayer the way I wanted it to be answered, doesn't mean that it wasn't answered.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh yeah and if you can't figure out this music...

you're not a Twilight addict and you've come to term with the fact that you are not going to be swept away by a sparkly vampire driving a shiny silver volvo...
However, this song makes me dream about baseball games and thunderstorms

Why...Because I"m a lunatic...that's why???

I am so so so tired...I'm tired from having chased my crazy children all day long...especially the little one who has discovered jelly...and ketchup... and can't keep from getting everything she eats in her hair and her impossibly long eyelashes.... and who uses any second with my back turned to scale the kitchen table and to perch herself precariously from the light fixture (no I'm not kidding...)
I am tired from getting ready to take pictures for my darling Nick's wedding (who may as well be my brother) because I totally stress myself out over other people portraits when they're my responsibility... I am also insanely jealous of his beautiful new bride who I'm pretty sure had to buy her wedding dress in a size 1 or something like that (Just kidding Brooke...you know I love you)
I am tired from cleaning up precisely 987 toys everyday that get left out by Noah's little hands because he's swears he's not done playing with them...
So why do you ask am I on the internet at 11 oclock at night when I could be getting some sleep to get ready for an impossibly long day tomorrow? (which will start at 5 am) Because sometimes a girl just needs five minutes of quiet to herself...oh yeah and I'm a lunatic...that' why!

Oh yeah...and I got a super cool new camera and I rented some new lenses to play with at the wedding...it's hard to sleep when there are fun new toys to be played with....

PS Have not idea what I'm wearing to the wedding, but got the kiddos super cute co-ordinating outfits which they will hate me for when they are sixteen because I'm sure there's a law somewhere that says you should not make a five year old boy match his 1 year old sister...but it's so much fun I can't resist, even if it puts me on the evil mommy list. (Travis just keep rollin' your eyes...you know it's cute...)

Lastly (is lastly a word?) took some really sweet newborn pictures today... I love tiny tiny babies...almost makes me want another one...almost...but then I recall the ketchup and jelly...and light fixture acrobatics and that makes me tired again. I'm going to bed now

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness

So in spite of the poor showing that our team has been doing lately, we are still avid UK fans... Mainly because Daddy "bleeds blue" and threatens to disown any of us that might cheer otherwise... So in light of the "season" we did some pictures of the kids in their UK gear.

Also, Monday night was the Preschool class tournaments. Just let me say, you have not lived until you've seen a gymnasium full of 3 4 and 5 years olds play basketball. My little man, was much less interested in actually getting the ball and scoring points than he was in doing some theatrics on the court that ensured that he had an avid audience (think dancing, sliding on the gym floor, etc.) Oh dear... as far as scholarships go, let's hope he's smart!!!
On a final and not so pleasant note...I managed to somehow catch the stomach virus that has been going around. I woke up with it early Tuesday morning and am still not back to 100%
I'm just hoping and praying that the kids don'g get it, because it's been miserable.