Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny stuff...

OK I must make it quick, I'm taking a tiny break from hours of photo editing!!! Just wanted to post this before I forget how funny it was. Today Noah and I were discussing that it's almost Lilly Grace's First birthday (can't believe it...) but anyway Noah informs me that he wants to get her a Mermaid Dora Doll to go under the water (which he won't admit but I think he wants to play with!) Anyway, the funny part is that he says, "And I know what I'm going to write in her card, I Love you LIlly Grace, I'll never give up and I'll always save you from the bank robbers." OK how sweet is that, does LIlly have the Best big brother in the world or what???

Another funny, but slightly sad note...Noah is trying is his own little four year old way to recover from the death of little Mel (the puppy). He has come up with a solution. He wants three puppies. That way, he explains, if one dies, he still has two, and then if another one dies he still has one. Poor little baby, he is a little obsessed with death since Mel's untimely passing...

We also have spent part of the day in our submarine (the toyroom) looking for mermaids (his sister) and putting on our scuba masks (fake fire helmets). Noah has an imagination that will go for days. This was after he built a fairly accurate "chute" for his rodeo bulls. He made my little plastic man be the clown that kept the cowboys from being trampled by the bulls. I'm not so experienced at being a rodeo clown and he kept correcting me in my cowboy rescue technique.

He told his Dad today, "Well Dad, I am certainly not your amigo!" After Travis regretfully informed him it was bedtime...

The Parsley family will be trying our best to have a yard sale this weekend and my little entrepreneur has decided he will sell lemonade. He says that he will not pay me a paycheck for helping in his stand but at the end of the day I am to write him one. Is it bad that my four year old is already quite adept at finagling money from his Mommy?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blog has been Hijacked...

OK so Travis has officially breached the secuity of my blog...(haha) He's been bugging me for weeks that it's our "family" blog so I guess it's only fair to get Daddy's take on the business of running the Parsley family. But seriously, I'm a lucky girl...

Travis has his hands full being an engineer in the daytime and coming home and being a great Dad and husband to his crazy family. He'll do anything for us (with a little coaxing...)

We've been on this crazy road together since I was 14 and he was 17, we've learned alot along the way and had alot of fun. There have been some not so great times but mainly it's been better than I could have hoped for. I sometimes question his sanity, (he still thinks it's a grand idea for us to have 4 or 5 kids...)

And that's the end of my being nice to Travis for today....I still wish he'd give up dipping and would fully understand the secret to a happy wife is jewelry and putting your dirty clothes in the hamper...I know you're reading this Travis...I love you!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dad's Take

Aha, I figured out Jess' password (which wasn't hard since she uses the same password on everything).

First of all, as soon as I can figure it out, the background MUST change. The pink and brown has to go. Noah would like a little green and yellow on here (John Deere). I'm thinking maybe a little UK blue. Get rid of Rascal Flatt's and put a little Johnny Cash on here. I'll try to figure all this out sometime.

Second, need a few pics of Jess on here. The ones of me on here are not so great. The one at Louisville Zoo looks like I'm about to hurl, and my birthday pic looks like me and the kids on a "Feed the Family" episode. So, I going to snap a few of Jess in her glory to put on here.

In Jessica's last post where she lays out her day, there needs to be a few corrections. She does get up and feed Lilly around 5am most mornings, but I swear, she never wakes up. I don't know how it is to feed a child w/ my body, but I don't know how you could sleep thru it. As for her late night computer "work", she left out her "blogging" past time. I'm sure that should be around midnight to 1am. Kidding aside, Jess works hard all day, so I better lay off or I'll be fixing supper tonight.

I guess thats it for my first post and hopefully Jess won't change her password and ban me from "Our Family" blog.