Monday, October 26, 2009

Because Every Little Girl Needs a big Brother

to hold her hand...

and show her the way...

to protect her...

and to be her best friend always

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jackson's Orchard 2009

A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and visited Jackson't Orchard after church. We spend the afternoon with Randy, Sherian, Michael, Kimberly, and "Sprout" (as he's known to the blogging world!) to celebrate Randy's birthday. Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boo Who?

Today I got to play with two of my favorite girls dressed up in their Halloween gear to test out a new set I'm using for a Halloween special at the studio. Here is one of my favorites from the session.... Thanks Ellie were a perfect little model. To find out details about the Halloween special and to view more shots from Ellie Claire go to

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Check it out

Long long ago I started a studio blog using a blogspot address and I was never satisfied with the results. So fast forward I have developed a pro studio blog that will help clients keep up with what's going on in the studio. If you want to view it go to


PS If any of you have links to the old blog it will soon be taken down so you may want to take it off your bloglist.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Pickers

These were taken a few weeks ago (before we got rid of Paci due to the injured mouth) but they were too cute not to post. Before reading this please pretend that my children are clean, with combed hair, and dressed in seasonal matching attire...there now proceed...

Way back in the spring when Travis planted our garden Noah decided he wanted to grow pumpkins. However, being rookie pumpkin farmers, we let them get a little too ripe and they were already mushy. However, these are the photos of the kids picking them and giving them a bath. They love to get out in the dirt with their Daddy and help. I was cooking dinner and watching my bunch out the window and I just had to run out and snap a few shots before the fun ended! Maybe next year we'll pick the pumpkins a little earlier and we can actually use them to decorate with. Anyway, the kids had fun and that's really all that matters!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is What Happens When....

Your Mom is a photographer....

When you're two you wail and cry at the sight of a camera and when you're five you pretend that if you ignore the camera it will magically go away.

Notice I have perched the children on the KITCHEN TABLE to attempt to snap one photo before they shimmy down to the floor and run away

Somehow I can manage to take portraits of other people's children that bring tears to their eyes, that they send to their loved ones in their holiday cards, that they proudly display on their walls, however, my own little subjects are not quite so cooperative.

Should I tell you that most photos of them are when they are dressed to go to church with Travis in the background fuming and saying, "We are going to be you have to take pictures now" then someone usually is being threatened to be spanked if they don't at glance in the direction of the camera and remove their fingers from their own nostrils or their sisters nostrils, or their ear, or mouth, or... well you get the picture...literally....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Lilly's tooth is "somewhat" better. It is tightening up some on it's own and the gum still looks good. Dr Scott says that doesn't mean it won't have to come out but it looks ok for now. We go back again in 2 weeks.

Flu update...Noah's test result ending up coming back negative but they are still treating them both with tamiflu. His fever broke Sunday and he feels great. Does this mean he didn't have the flu, or he did have the flu and it didn't show up on the test, or that he had a very very mild case? You're guess is as good as mine!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a thought...

I've often heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child...unfortunately no one ever mentioned where the village was or how to get there!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not a Great Week at the Parsley House...

Hello all, wish I had a more cheerful post today but I don't...

Thursday we were all playing at the house and enjoying Noah's first official day of fall break when we were getting ready to go upstairs to play in the playroom when Lilly fell on the steps at our house and hit her mouth. When I picked her up she was bleeding (not badly) and when she calmed down a little I was able to get her mouth open and we saw that her two front teeth were not in the same position as they had been. I immediately called our dentist who referred us directly to a pediatric dentist and we took her directly there. Long story short, after x-rays and an exam Dr. Scot Barbee (who is AWESOME by the way) decided there was no way to one of the front teeth and had to do an emergency extraction. We are still watching the other tooth and it may have to come out as well. So basically Lilly will be without her tooth until her permanent tooth later comes in. (The damage to the root, and bone was too extensive to leave it in place for risk of infections, etc.)

Lilly is actually doing fine. She has never acted like it hurt or it bothered her in the least. She is not even doing too badly with having to give up her pacifier and her bottle and sippy very suddenly. (Sucking would cause her gums to form a "dry socket" that would impede healing)

Mommy however has been very very upset over the fact that I was standing right with her and I keep going over and over in my head how I could have stopped her or caught her somehow even though I know it was just an accident.

Then today we get up out of bed and Noah has a 102.6 temperature and after a quick trip to the doctor's office to see Dr. Stewart she decides he has the flu and is waiting for a strep test to come back as well because he has infection in his ears and his throat is very very red and swollen. My poor poor babies!!! They are treating both the kids with tamiflu (to help Noah get over it and to help Lil keep from contracting it...)

Seriously? Isn't fall break supposed to be filled with fun outings to the pumpkin patch and such? Not emergency tooth extractions and instructions on how to keep from spreading the n1h1 virus to the rest of our family!

Sorry to be so cheerful today guys, maybe my next post with be fun and filled with cute pictures of the least I hope so!