Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Lilly before church Sunday
As I mentioned before, this past weekend was basically completely spent celebrating Princess Lil's second birthday. Her actual birthday party was on Sunday after church at the park next to South Edmonson. We used the meeting room to have her cake and gifts and the kids spent a lot of their time playing on the playground equipment. Ms Donna Long made the birthday cakes and they were sooo Cute!!!

We invited family and a few friends Lilly's age to help us celebrate and we had a great turnout. Everyone seemed like they had a good time, especially the birthday girl. Enjoy the photos!

Instead of treat bags we did a candy buffet...

Every year since I was born my sweet Pappaw Porter has gotten me and my cousin Beth nightgowns for our birthdays (which are only 1 day apart) . He still does it to this day and he is continuing the tradition with his great-grand daughter. Lilly Grace is crazy about him and I'm so glad to have this memory of them to treasure forever.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Please double-check

Hey guys just a quick note...I've gotten a lot of comments the last little while that some of you had sent me emails that I haven't received. Just want to make sure that you're using my email address at Forever, I used the email address and after alltel switched to windstream for a while both email addresses worked. However, my address does not work at all now and I don't think it gives you and error message or anything it just never sends the email. So anyway, if any of you have tried to email me lately using the address I probably did not ever receive your message. Just wanted to let you know!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilly Grace!!!

Lilly on her 2nd Birthday

It's Official...our little princess is two years old today. I can honestly say the last two years have flown by in a whirlwind.
Lilly Grace less that 1 hour old
(Below is Lilly at her first birthday party...not even walking yet...)

This little fireball sped into our lives over 1 month before her due date and (couldn't even wait for a doctor to deliver her) and we should have known that was an indication of things to come. Miss Lil likes things her way and on her schedule. She is full of energy and spunk and she keeps us all on our toes. She stole her Daddy's heart from the second he looked at her and she is Mommy's best girlfriend...but her best friend ever? Big Brother for sure.

We've spent the weekend getting ready for the party on Sunday. Friday night I decided to attempt decorating her an Elmo cake to have here at home so she could blow out some candles on her actual birthday (today). It turned out OK and today we ventured out to Chuck E Cheese and to pick up some last minutes things for the party tomorrow. Then the grandparents came over to share some cake and some presents before the big bash tomorrow.
It' s challenging to say the least to get a cake to hold together when you can' t use eggs. The first attempt at the Elmo cake ended up as a large pile of crumbs...tasty enough but you can't really decorate a crumb pile...take 2 fared much better...Lilly decided to sample a little cake batter before we washed up the dishes!

OK please note in the photo Lilly is wearing her brother's spongebob shirt...we couldn't get the thing off her. It was 3 sizes too big and she kept saying "Bubba's sirt..." and then cried to sleep in it and the princess gets what the princess wants (at least on her birthday...) Ah yes....terrible twos here we come!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Ballet

Lilly is full swing in to her baby ballet class. It is just the cutest thing ever and those little girls are so sweet. They go for about 45 minutes on Friday mornings. Lilly doesn't really understand the directions, and occasionally out of pure accident she does do the same moves as the teacher, but it's OK because that's what the rest of the girls are doing too. Can you imagine trying to teach a room full of 2 years olds a ballet move. Anyway, we are having fun, and that's all that counts!!!
All Good Ballerinas need a little protein (in the form of a baby bottle!) before the perform...don't they???

And aren't all really good ballerinas a little vain...(notice the tutu has somehow wandered below her butt in the picture...)

Apparently Lilly is much too exhausted to actually learn how to stretch....she thinks she'll just take a little rest and let the other girls do the work...

Isn't everything more fun with a friend along? Lilly and sweet Maggie are celebrating making it through the first class!!!