Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Well we have had a full but fun-filled Halloween weekend. The festivities started on Thursday when I spent the day making and decorating cupcakes for Noah's class party. On Friday, he got to wear his "Annakin Skywalker" costume to school and I left the girls with Pappaw Randy so I could go to his class party. We went to a bonfire with some church friends that night. Then Saturday morning after I got back from BG we took the kids to Creekside Nursery to get some pumpkins to carve. Travis and Noah spent the rest of the afternoon carving pumpkins and then we loaded up our little spooks to do some Trick or Treating! It was a long evening by the time we went to all of our stops but it was fun! OK it was fun until the baby decided she had had ENOUGH and got a little cranky...

We ended up the night with great family and friends at a bonfire at Daniel and Allie's house. We've spent today recuperating from all of the excitement! Enjoy the pics of our Anakin, Princess Belle, and Supergirl!!!

Oh and just a note about the first photo, most the time when we go to get pumpkins I like to dress the kiddos in coordinating fall clothes and take pictures. This year Daddy got them ready to go since I was at a meeting that morning, hence the blue jeans, boots, and hoodies! He also didn't bring my camera so I had to use the old iPhone...but it's still a sweet picture!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ann Elizabeth 3 months

Miss Annie turned three months old on October 24th! Here is what she is up to these days...
Annie still naps alot during the day but is sleeping during the night from about 9 pm to around 3 am. She gets up at either 3 or 4 to eat and then normally goes back to sleep until around 6:30 and then she's up for an hour or so and ready to take another long morning nap! She's still exclusively breastfed but she also does pretty well with a bottle (she prefers Playtex drop-ins) She truly loves her paci's (Nuk or Mams) but she does have a little trouble keeping them in and when she loses then it makes her very angry!
She is still having some stomach issues (spitting up, fussiness, etc...) but she is taking Zantac twice a day and it seems to help some. She still eats about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day. She still prefers to be wrapped in a blankie or swaddled to sleep. She is not a big fan of riding in the car seat!
She is wearing size 0/3 month clothes and a few things that are 3 to 6 months are starting to fit. She's wearing a size 1 or 2 diaper as well. She hasn't lost any hair yet but she is filling out alot! The baby acne and cradle cap seem to have gone away, and aside from having very sensitive skin and a few dry patches she is doing well.
She likes her bath time and she LOVES to look at her mobile. She will lay and kick and goo at her mobile and sometimes if she has her blankie and paci she will doze off to sleep. She still prefers to sleep wrapped up in her yellow rocker/glider chair or with Mommy, but we're working on transitioning to the crib in our bedroom!
She has really turned on her personality this month. She loves to be talked to and she is very smily and will goo and squeal alot as well as laugh a little out loud. She can now roll from front to back and she tries her very best to sit up and does really well with head and neck control. Her favorite thing right now is probably for someone to walk around the house with her and let her sit straight up and look at stuff!
She thinks her Daddy and her brother and sister are the funniest people on the Earth! She is still a Mommy's girl though especially if she's tired...with is just fine with me. She does very well going out places and she has done very well at church so far! Yay Annie! She's growing so fast and I can't wait to post pics of her in her little halloween costume.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Overdue...

Lilly Grace is 3!!!

Our little "Lil" as we often refer to her turned 3 on September 26th. She celebrated by having attending church that morning and later having lunch at home with the grandparents. We had chili and cupcakes (which she wore alot of...) and then she got her gift from Mommy and Daddy. (A pink Polaris Outlaw...which truthfully suits her to a tee!)

Later that day we celebrated with a few friends at Chuck E. Cheese. We had attended Maggie's birthday there earlier in the Spring and ever since Lilly had declared she wanted her birthday there. Also, she has never been scared of a character...not there not at Disney, nowhere. However, the excitement of the party must have gotten to her because when it got to her big moment for Chuck E to come out...she got panic-stricken and ran away to the jungle gym where me and Travis had to coax her out. A great memory to retell when she is about 16 or so!

Anyway, since this blog is kind of my digital scrapbook (since heaven knows I don't have time to keep a real scrapbook) Here are a few facts about sis as a three year old.

Lilly is in the 75 percent for height and 99th percentile for weight. She is apparently going to be a tall/big girl. She wears a 4t in clothes and a size 10 shoe. She loves Belle, Max and Ruby, Little Bear, the color yellow and all things girly. She also can make a mean mud pie and can keep up with big brother no problem. Her favorite things to do right now are to work puzzles, play play-doh, color, play outside, watch cartoons, play baby dolls, hold her baby sister and eat. She loves ravioli, chicken, gravy and biscuits, etc etc. (the girl likes to eat....)
She could care less what she wears and will wear anything I put on her without a word (unlike her big brother!) But when she is all dressed up she has to check herself out in the full length mirror and then go find her Daddy and wait until he tells her how pretty she is. She has very curly hair, very long eyelashes, and right now her eyes are dark blue. To me she looks alot like her Daddy but most people think she looks like me.

She is a CHARACTER for sure. She can go from being the sweetest girl in the world one second to being a rascal the next. She is busy busy busy...waking at around 6 am and taking a two hour afternoon nap, then going strong until around 8:30pm. She has a quick temper to say the least.

Some of the things I never want to forget about her at this age is that when she is sleepy she holds her cheeks, and loves to feel my arms or neck when she is being rocked to sleep. She still loves her paci and she is about 90% potty trained. She still loves to have her milk in a sippy cup heated up. She is very much still our baby and we let her be...she'll grow up soon enough!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

FEAST Halloween Party

On Tuesday we attended FEAST's annual "food-free" Halloween party. FEAST is the support group for food allergies that we have been involved with since Noah was diagnosed. Every year they plan a small Halloween party for the kids with lots of fun activities but there is no snacks or food so the kids don't have to worry about not being able to eat what everyone else can eat.
They had lots of fun making crafts, playing games, and gathering up goodies for their treat bags. They also had a blast dressing up, even though Noah's real halloween costume hadn't arrived yet, he made do with his soldier costume.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fifteen years ago...

Fifteen Years ago on October 21st I started dating an older boy....

I was fourteen years old and not allowed to officially "date" and he was seventeen. I got so tired of everyone telling me how young we were...

Today I am a few months from thirty and wonder how I got here so fast

Fifteen years ago I wore his class room with a huge amount of yarn wrapped around the back and today I've replaced that class ring with a wedding band.

Fifteen years ago I moved all my stuff from the freshman hall to the senior hall and we shared a locker. Today we share a house that he built with his own hands exactly the way I wanted it.

Fifteen years ago I used to daydream about what our children would look like and what we would name I wake up everyday to their three precious faces
Fifteen years ago I thought I had never seen brown eyes as sweet as his were...

Today I look in the same eyes in the face of my son and know I was wrong.

Fifteen years ago I thought that older boy would never love another girl as much as he loved me... Today I am amazed at how much he loves his two baby girls

Fifteen years ago I thought time crept so slowly until we got to see each other again

Today when I tuck our children into bed I silently wish with all my heart that time would slow down.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010