Sunday, December 26, 2010

12th Anniversary

Funny how your anniversaries change over the years. We used to celebrate our anniversary by a weekend trip to the Smokies or to a nice quiet restaurant or the like. This year, we spent our anniversary taking our munchkins sledding with family and then we wrapped up the day at Pizza Hut! It was a fun day...

We have a limited number of anniversaries to celebrate with our kids being small. We have the rest of our lives to celebrate just the two of us!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lil Makes me laugh

Lilly is a constant source or entertainment... seriously she makes me laugh out loud all the time.
For example, we put her to bed last night and I'm working in the office (which adjoins her bedroom) I can hear her singing to herself her rendition of Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer. It goes like this, "You know Dasher and Comet and Colin and George..." then she stops and "scolds" herself, "No, George not a weindeer" ...I laughed forever...
Then today I'm folding laundry and she saunters in and says, "Mommy you know dose noonles I had lesterday?" (referring to homemade mac and cheese I made her) "I wan summa dose and then I take my nap...fanks..."
saunters back out and waits for said macaroni to be cooked
she's just have to know her...she also compliments total strangers on their jewelry and purses. And she doesn't "like" anything, it's I LOVE that...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Black Friday?

This year black friday was kind of a white friday! We awoke to a little dusting of snow, but of course the kiddos acted like it had snowed a foot. They were dying to go play in the snow at 6 am that morning. I did manage to hold them off until about 9 but then they were ready to bundle up and go play a little in the first snow of the season.

On a note about Black Friday, I did NOT brave the traffic or the early morning rush to score some deals. That used to be right up my alley but anymore, I must say I enjoyed getting some black friday deals online while sitting in my sweats and sipping my hot coffee!!!