Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working in the wee hours...

Warning: this blog may not interest anyone in the least...I'm burning off computer buzz so I can go to bed....
I realize that it is now midnight and I just got done working for the day but I needed a little "blog-time" to wind down. At this time of night I find myself sometimes questioning my sanity in career choices...
Not to say I don't love my job...I adore taking photos...I just don't adore my insane schedule at the moment. Basically my day looks a little like this...
5am feed Lil and get her back to bed
6am get up
6:30 here comes little man needing cartoons, and a milk sippy
Throw in laundry and make the bed Start breakfast before princess arises
7 Lil's up! (I realize that it in not advisable to breastfeed and drink caffeine, but it keeps Mommy from walking around the house in a stupor"
Breakfast for the babies
More coffee...
8Play time... laundry...chores...showers (on a good day)
9 Check email and get computer work started
9:30 Feed Lil
More computer work
11 get ready for lunch
12 lunch...clean up...more laundry
Errands...Start getting ready for afternoon customers
1 Noah nap (Please Dear Lord let him take an afternoon nap...)
Remind self to go to the bathroom and stop running around like a mad woman...
2 Noah's up...Time for Lil's nap
Run like a chicken with head cut off to get things done while one babe is sleeping...
Noah snack and play
3 customers getting ready to arrive
4 start supper
5 Trav's supper...hand the baby duties to hubby and work until 7
Get kids settled and ready for bed
Clean kitchen
9 kids in bed (hopefully)
10 start computer work
1 or 2 ish go to bed...
5 am start it all again!!!
(Add in diapers, breastfeeding, solving 4 year old catastrophes, ("Mom, will you go upstairs and find my batman..No not that batman...the one with the cape ripped know I had it the other day at Nana's...then in the yard..."
Mom can't find said Batman...will superman work....tears ensue...

Only mothers understand how this type of day can work! I honestly wonder what I did what all of the time on my hands before I had children.

Would I trade a minute of this chaos for another job...Not a chance! I get to get my kids up, feed them, play with them and I don't miss a minute of their day until late evening when they get to have time with Daddy.

When I worked a "regular" job I recall thinking how wonderful it would be to own my own business...Little did I know that I could leave those jobs at work when I came home. I have to try really hard to seperate home time from working time...I catch myself constantly thinking about what needs to be done next.
However, looking back, I think that things worked out the way they did for a reason. I'm thankful for my kids, my hubby and my home, and I'm so grateful to be able to stay at home with them full time while still working from the house.
While I wouldn't trade a second of my life with anyone... I would love to have a dinner out with my husband that didn't involve a meal that includes a plastic toy or wearing a shirt that didn't show the baby food splatters so much! Oh well, there'll be time for that when my angels are in college I suppose!


Erica Simpson said...

Owning your own business i so much more work that not Jess! (not down on anyone else) But when it all depends on you-its tough! :)

The Butlers said...

Hey jess! A stay at home mommy job can be hard work in itself....can't imagine right now running my own business on top of that. Just wanted you to know though i was so glad to see i am not the only one who finds the wrong batman! lol I am all the time looking for batman or superman around here and if i do not return with the right one I hear about it!

Shanna said...

Being a stay at home mom definatley has it's rewards, but not every day is heaven either!! I feel your pain, but what can you do but love the little monsters??

Alicia Jane said...

Sound like super mom to me! :) You are like me running around with few hours of sleep. Somedays I feel like a zombie.. Not enough hours in the day!

Carol said...

I'm bummed that we didn't have a big day this summer too but we'll come up with something this fall???? I know it's bound to be tough, but you do such a good job at Mommy/Photographer! :-)

Love you!

Kimberly said...

You are my hero!!! As crazy as your day sounds, right now I'm just jealous that you manage to have any kind of schedule. Right now, with my six-week old son, I'm just looking forward to the day when I can have any kind of schedule. Thanks so much for all your help so far, and let me know when I can return the favor. Can't wait for us to get together soon.

Sherri said...

I do remember those crazy days! I had three under the age of 4 1/2 and was single for seven years!! Sometimes wonder how in the world I managed....MOM that's how! ;-) I thank the good Lord for her everyday. Hang in's gets easier...and then they become teenagers :-(