Friday, June 5, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I am not much of a sports girl. I mean OK, I will root for UK basketball if being forced to watch it and I'll even sit through a Reds baseball game and lately I am rooting for the Phillies since the pitcher is one of my friends from high school, but other than that, not so much on sports (much to the dismay of my dear husband who lives for ESPN).

However, I have had the most fun this summer rooting for my new favorite ball player, Yep Number 4 on the Cardinals, my own little Noah. This is his first year to play and most of the boys on his team as well. But they are having so much fun. The highlight of Noah's game is to get a lemonade from the concession stand and he does love to play in the dirt, but man are they ever cute!!!

Noah has been so proud to report that his Papa (My Dad) has not missed a single game! Also, it is so sweet to watch Travis practice with Noah and play catch and have batting practice.

Of course Lil on the other hand is a fan of the concession stand and of spying if anyone has left a hotdog laying around she can snag...

But I suppose the best part of being on a team with 4 and 5 year olds is that they just have alot of fun and they really don't care about winning and losing...they just want to play ball. In fact, a few games ago Noah's team won their very first game after losing several. Travis was congratulating Noah and telling him how proud he was that his team had won. Noah just looked at him kind of confused and asked, "Had we lost the other ones?"


Brooke said...

Ha Ha! Colby asked the EXACT same thing!!!! He didn't have a clue it was there first win!!

We may not have the best team, but we sure have the cutest!!!!

Erica Simpson said...

It was so much fun when Jacob was playing ball at that age! Noah is so handsome!