Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Ballet

Lilly is full swing in to her baby ballet class. It is just the cutest thing ever and those little girls are so sweet. They go for about 45 minutes on Friday mornings. Lilly doesn't really understand the directions, and occasionally out of pure accident she does do the same moves as the teacher, but it's OK because that's what the rest of the girls are doing too. Can you imagine trying to teach a room full of 2 years olds a ballet move. Anyway, we are having fun, and that's all that counts!!!
All Good Ballerinas need a little protein (in the form of a baby bottle!) before the perform...don't they???

And aren't all really good ballerinas a little vain...(notice the tutu has somehow wandered below her butt in the picture...)

Apparently Lilly is much too exhausted to actually learn how to stretch....she thinks she'll just take a little rest and let the other girls do the work...

Isn't everything more fun with a friend along? Lilly and sweet Maggie are celebrating making it through the first class!!!


The Stice's said...

How sweet are they?! Too cute!

Emily V. said...

Lilly is too sweet. I think of you when Bryan tells me to get rid of Brooks' bottle. We only use it one time a day just before we put him to sleep for the night. I keep telling him we have until he's 2 right.

Lesley said...

Okay - my favorite is the one of the tutu all misplaced! So funny!!