Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear Faithful Readers,
most blogs I read when the say they are behind on blogging they say they are "slackers" lol! I am most certainly behind on my blog but indeed lately I have been anything but a "slacker". We have had so much going on in the Parsley household that I think my best bet is to start current and backdate for my "scrapbooking" purposes. Hmm where to begin...
The latest big news at the Parsley house is that sweet Ann Elizabeth cut her first tooth! We found it on Sunday (the 16th). She had not been sleeping well at all and was very fussy. All three kids were sick with sinus infection type symtoms and she had one as well and ran a fever so I wasn't sure if the fussiness was for the illness or the tooth, probably a little of both. But I think she is working on some more!
Also, on the 13th my baby boy turned seven years old! How on Earth we got here so fast I'll never know!
As his birthday gift we took him to see Monster Jam in Nashville along with my cousins Nick and Brooke and their oldest son, Conner. Needless to say the boys had a blast. We ate at Cracker Barrel and then headed to the event. We ended up being in the front row! We came home with a Grave Digger shirt and some great memories!

Then on his actual birthday Noah wanted to have tacos, so I cooked tacos and make him a birthday cake and we had the grandparents over.
We wrapped up birthday celebrations with Noah having his first ever sleepover on Friday. He invited Evan and Jarrett over to spend the night and the boys had a blast. Travis brought home pizza and they camped out in their sleeping bags in Noah's room. They played a lot of Star wars, watched TV, played their Nintendo DS and rough housed like little boys will do. It was very special to have these two boys over for our first sleepover, because they have all literally been friends since they were born. Now they are all getting so big, but honestly I couldn't have picked any three sweeter boys to spend my evening with. I really liked having our house busy with the sound of happy little boys!

Also for my record here are some facts about Noah on his seventh birthday:
-Noah is all "boy". His loves include, UK, basketball, Star Wars, camo, his new rifle, his Bow, playing outside, and all things animal (He loves to watch Man versus wild with his Dad)
-He LOVES his baby sister and loves to hold her and get her to laugh
-He plays well with Lilly about half the time and the other half they fight (I"m told this is normal)
-He enjoys school but does not love homework
-He is very loving to his family (He is so close to all his grandparents, loves his aunts and uncles, and cousins, and loves to spend time with them)
-He lost his bottom two teeth but most people never noticed, because his permanent teeth had already come in behind his baby teeth!
-He is very particular about his clothing (and would love in jeans and tshirts)
-He is just a great, funny, rambunctious boy!
-Still occasionally mixes up and uses the funniest words (arguvating, frinkles...etc)

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Erica Simpson said...

Happy Birthday Noah! No teeth at our house yet!