Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Lilly Grace now has bangs...

-I did not give her bangs

-Nor did any other hairdresser

-she says Bubby did it

-Bubby says she did it

-I told them Jesus knew who was lying

-as does Santa Claus

-Bangs on Lilly makes me unhappy

That is All


Stephanie said...

Oh no! I'm just waiting for Maggie to do the same....Mollie & Macy both did it when they were 4. At least her mom could "fix" it:)

Jessica M said...

Oh no! That is what I have to look forward to huh? =)

The Alexander Family of 4! said...

Oh No!!!!

DeAnna said...

LOL...so sorry...I know that it is not funny but I can't help but laugh when reading. Maybe neither Lilly or Noah did it. Maybe it was "the invisible man". You see "the invisible man" comes here and does all sorts of things. Ethan blames everything on the invisible man. Oh, and the boys have also started to lay blame on Sophie now that she is mobile. So....maybe Annie gave her bangs?? ha!