Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not afraid to Use it

Noah has a shot gun which he loves.  I mean loves...however, he doesn't get to shoot it very much because he needs more than one adult preferably to supervise and both girls must be occupied in the house.  But on Labor Day, Nana and Papa came over for chili and a hot dog roast.  Lil was napping and Annie was occupied with Nana so Noah Thomas finagled Travis and Papa into taking him out shooting.  Their target, a watermelon which got a little too ripe in the previously hot week.

Poor unsuspecting watermelon...

Then it was my turn...Dad and Travis totally didn't think I could hit it
They were wrong


Wanda May said...

Love it!!!

Shanna said...

Funny!! That is something all 4 of us enjoy is shooting!! The girls each have their own BB guns, so they think they are big stuff.