Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Slings

The contraption in the photo above, my friends, is what is known as a baby sling.  It is what one uses when they have more children than they have hands, like me, (except my biggest baby  is not in the picture and would protest being referred to as a baby) or when one needs to haul their giant sized cup of coffee with them to the annual fair day parade (also see photo above)  Please see photo above while ignoring my seriously unstyled hair...

In all seriousness, Travis makes tons of fun of me everytime I haul out the baby sling.  (this one is from Seven Slings but I also have one from Hotslings that is great too.)  He starts mumbling something about "kangaroos" and such but I just ignore him and go on.  Annie is very VERY attached to me and sometimes I need my hands free to do other things (like attend to Lil) and the sling allows her to be carried around constantly.  I can vacuum the house, fold laundry, whatever. 

BUT the handiest is at  the grocery.  See logistically, if Lil is in the cart and so is Annie, there is no where to put the GROCERIES...but if Lil is in the cart and Annie is in the sling...voila' room to put the milk and the bacon and the....well you get the picture. 

Yeah for baby slings...yay for baby wearing...yay for happy babies in general

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