Friday, November 2, 2012


Way back when I was just a wife, and not a mother of three, I decided I wanted to have freedom in my job to set my own hours, control my own schedule, etc. I used to despise being on someone else's clock... So instead of working nine to five at a "regular" job now I often work all day as a stay at home wife and mom, afternoon till evening in the studio or salon, and night until early morning hours in the office....hmmm...

But... In the end it's worth it. I have been blessed to stay home with my children...I haven't missed any of their little milestones along the way. When they are sick they've stayed with me or daddy and I have got to share countless stories, class parties, ball games and dance classes.

Financially, we would probably be better off if i worked a full time regular job. We might manage a few more vacations or dinners out. But the trade off has been worth it!

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