Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Well, our family is one week into a brand spankin' new school year.  I am choosing to not think about that this year marked the LAST year of elementary school for Noah...Ugh.  Didn't he just start preschool last week???  Lilly is happily into first grade, and has waited for homework her whole life... (reminds me of someone else I

The funniest thing on the first day of school.  Of course Annie had to pack up her little "pack-pack" as she calls it and take it with her to drop the kids off.  She traipsed dutifully into first grade, finds a cubby, hangs up her bag and sits at a desk, big as you please.  
"I be fine Mom"  she says in her little three year old banter.  (With the paci firmly planted in her mouth)

Same thing upstairs if fourth grade.  She hangs up her backpack and is sure she can work in this room.  Finally, we take something to Nana in the kindergarten class and she has found herself a haven of blocks and crayons and a plethora of wonderfulness.  She cried when I made her leave this time.  We stopped by the library to say hello to some friends.  She peeps in and says, "Hewe's my woom!"  Alas, I had to remove her from school in tears.  And NO I'm not sending her to PreK this year.  She's my only one at home and she is going to remain my baby for a while!!! 

Anyway, school is going well so far.  Both kids love their teachers and are in class with some of their buddies so I hope things continue to go smoothly from here out! 


Erica Simpson said...


Lesley said...

That Annie is such a mess! And is sad he's so big : ( Loved, loved Lil's picture in the paper!!

Jessica M said...

Aww..they are getting so big!!

DeAnna said...

I can relate. Sophie cried because she wanted to go to school with the boys. Everyone keeps asking if I'm going to send her to preschool next year. I guess I would get a lot of work done that way...if I could quit crying! Lol. We will be sending our babies to kindergarten before we know it :(.