Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Diva

AKA: Lilly Grace, Lilly, Lils, Lil, Sissy, Sister,

Eyes: Blue with some crazy long eye lashes

Hair: Out of Control curly

Favorite Pastimes: drinking milk from a baby bottle, sucking on a "Das" (pacifier), trying on shoes and jewels, pilfering through drawers and cabinets, passing out kisses to the men in her life (Dada, Bubby, Papa, Pappaw)

Favorite food: anything and everything as long as there's lots of especially fond of yogurt, bananas and breakfast sausage

Loves: Frogs, Bubble baths, Little Bear and the color "lellow"

Dislikes: dirt, grocery shopping

Most Notable Accomplishment: stealing the hearts of her Mommy, Daddy, and big brother.

WARNING: this little diva starts ballet class on Friday...they may have to close down the school after Lil takes a stab at dancing!!!


The Stice's said...

Too cute! Where will she be taking lessons at?

Shanna said...

Sweet!! Aren't little girls so fun and dramatic!!

The Butlers said...

She is just too cute! I love her hair!! And those little hats...cute, cute, cute.

Stephanie said...

I Love the picture! She is so cute and a great dancer:)

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Sansa said...

Cute , she is really a DIVA