Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This and That

Hey guys if you think of it tonight, mention Little Colin in your prayers. He is my cousin Nick and Brooke Stevenson's baby and he is only three weeks old and has been hospitalized with RSV. I know they are worried and worn out and just want their little man to be better! We have experienced sick babies in the hospital with breathing trouble, but Lil was almost two, I can't imagine going through this with a newborn.

Today I bought a new book by Dr. Oz (I LOVE Dr. Oz) it's called "You Having a Baby." You know, since I've had two babies I thought alot might have changed in two years. HAHA! Seriously, it's a really good down-to-Earth book (not too text bookish and not to mother-Earthy-embrace-your-laborish either) (I bought a book with my first pregnancy that was written by some crazy hippie woman who instructed all laboring mothers to embrace labor and that the pain could almost be on the edge of pleasurable...hmmm I want some of what she was smoking...)

Lil update...she's still sick...fever is gone, but round the clock breathing treatments and she coughs like mad. My poor baby, I am hoping this runs it course SOON!

Pregnancy update...morning sickness is a lie that the devil tells. Morning sickness...ha! morning, noon, night, late night... the other night I was up at 2:30! But seriously, I can handle it. I had morning sickness with both the other two, more severely with Lil. She was born in September and I threw up until July. A small small price to pay for what you get at the end!!!!

Travis and I have yet to take up the name discussion. Noah was named before we knew he was a boy. Lil didn't have a name until she was 5 hours old in the hospital. And Lilly was a name we had never discussed. (In fact weeks before I had told a good friend that we were not naming this baby Lilly!) Anyway, I am formulating a list in my head, none of which I am sure Travis will agree to. He is a sweet husband but he is most disagreeable in the department of baby naming. He had a list going for Lilly straight out of a 1990 yearbook. We keep referring to this baby as "he" but truthfully I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other. Time will tell I suppose.

On an ending note...I am proud to report that I am the mother to the soon to be six year old Wii featherweight champion boxer of the world. Seriously, you can't beat the kid...Travis can't beat the kid. I'm not sure Mike Tyson could. When the match is over he prances around with his wii controllers held high above his head Rocky style. I fully expect to find him in the family room one day with satin boxing shorts, shirtless, and sporting a mouthgaurd. His dad LOVES it... I on the other hand am dreading his return to Kindergarten for our dear Ms. Lesley to find that he has retained exactly 2 percent of what she has spent half a year teaching him!


Brooke said...

Praying for baby Colin... That's terrible!!
On a brighter note -- Congrats to you!! I heard yesterday!! What a blessing... Number 3!!

Erica Simpson said...

Bless baby Colin's heart!!

We are just talking about names, who knows though!

I can honestly say i feel your pain with the all day sickness. But your right-well worth it!

The Butlers said...

I didn't realize poor Lilly was sick again! Hope she gets better soon (and your cousin's baby too!!).

Thanks for making me smile this morning! I always enjoy reading your posts. Loved the part about baby names. We have yet to come up with a name for this little one. Well, let me rephrase that, Andy has yet to convince me to name her what he has come up with. LOL

Alicia Jane said...

Hope Lilly feels better soon and you too!! Morning sickness is bad enough but when you add two little ones in the mix that is when it is really tough!!!

Susie said...

Congratulations on the baby! I know you are all SO excited! On the wii boxing note...Shannon was boxing with Will on the wii the other night. Will quite and a few minutes later I look over and Will & Walker are punching each other. I decided we might need to lay off the wii boxing. However I love the wii! So much fun!