Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Tuesday

Wow yesterday was BUSY with a capital B. We had to get up bright and early to make the trip to Vanderbilt for Noah's 6 month eye checkup with his specialist. (The glasses are still doing their job...we go back in June...) Apparently, if the glasses work it will take years for his eyes to correct themselves, and if they quit working we will know immediately and be looking at surgery. So we were thrilled with the news that they're still doing their job!

After making the trip to downtown Nashville and nearly colliding with a woman eating a sandwich while driving (yes Travis there was a stop sign and you RAN it) we decided to go to Opry Mills for a little while. We got Noah some new basketball shoes for his first game on Saturday and then decided to shop around a little while. Well, it was nap time and Lilly managed to lose her pacifier somewhere in the mall. And then she proceeded to wail what does any calm and collected mother do? I duck into the nearest team store and ask if they have pacifiers. Yep, and the only ones they have are bright orange with a huge Tennessee Vols T on them. ( should I mention her Dad detests this!!!) However, I would have bought the thing had it been $50 and said "I hate my Mom...) I was desperate. 10 seconds after the paci was in she was out cold! So we circled the mall for two hours and bought 1 20 ounce sprite and 2 plastic cell phones at the disney store...productive I know!!!

It was late we when got home but we had some homework of Noah's to work on so then afterwards we decided to give the shoe tying thing another go round. He has really struggled with this, but after trying a few more times together last night, he mastered it! Needless to say he was super excited to go to kindergarten this morning and show off his new skill. He told me, "Mom, I can do double knots and even tie with short strings!"

So finally it was off to bed for the two Parsley kids and off to work for Mama. I'm knee deep in Christmas orders right now, but it's fun going through all these sweet baby photos in their PJ's and Christmas outfits! I even managed to narrow down some pics of my sweet babies for my Christmas card. I just have to find time to get them ordered!!!


Carol said...

So glad Noah's glasses are doing their job! And, I'm so glad that our boys can tie their exciting! :-)

Scott and Kelli said...

Glad to hear the good news...where are my pictures??? You know I prefer instant, total gratification...I think I already know just the one we'll want to use.

Heather said...

You know you should've went in Outdoor World and bought her the "Billy Bob" teeth pacifier. Maybe Travis would've liked that better than the Vols! Glad you got good news!!

Anonymous said...


The Butlers said...

Glad that Noah got good news at the doctor! Ethan lost a pacifier in the mall once...and he still reminds me about it when we go to the mall! lol