Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More potty training excitement....

Hmmm...this girl has got me stumped with a capital S. Remember the post about being totally uninterested and all? Yeah well Friday night, Travis was putting Lil to bed and she informed him she needed to go to the potty. First time she's ever even acted like she knew what a potty was. He started to tell her no because he thought she was just trying to get out of bed and stall, but lo and behold he took her and she did her business. Praise the Lord...but we were pretty sure it was a coincidence.

Saturday morning, first thing, she tells me she needs to go potty, and goes and pees like a big girl. Basically she went all day Saturday and told us when she needed to go. She didn't poop in the potty, but it's a start.

She did do something funny when she had a dirty diaper though. She told me, "I poop...don't say shew..." which is what I usually tell her. She continued, "Don't say nuffin..." So I have to proceed to change her poopy diaper and pretend I don't notice it...

So what is that all about? She's now back to using pullups half the time and peeing in the potty half the time. And honestly with just two weeks left in this pregnancy I don't have the energy to full force potty train right now, but she's making progress on her own so I'm happy.

She also had a little bout with a stomach virus apparently Tuesday. She vomited several times, but she had quit today. She was still under the weather and didn't have much appetite, but I think she's on the mend. I really hope that the rest of my family doesn't get the bug about the time I go into labor...that would be stressful

Speaking of pregnancy, I go back to the dr tomorrow to see what Dr. G has to say. Hopefully it's good!


Robin said...

Hey I understand it can be exhausting. Josie is doing great at home but when she is at daycare and playing she sometimes forgets.

Beth S said...

I am SO excited about Saturday that I can hardly stand it. Maybe I should make a shirt - she is my namesake after all.

Don't worry about Lilly, she'll potty when she is ready (but you already know that).

Love you and see you on Saturday!!!

Erica Simpson said...

See you Saturday! I will try to remember you-stop in and see us on your way in! :)