Thursday, August 26, 2010

Noah Thomas

Since I did my little Annie update for the last post I realized that I hadn't posted anything about my eldest offspring in a while...
Anyone who knows Noah knows that he is a one of a kind kid....


-Loves frogs, bugs, creepy crawlies of all varieties
-loves to dig in the dirt or build stuff outside
-Loves iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Spongebob
-Loves his Nana more than life itself (has asked to live with her and me and Daddy just come visit on occasion...)
-has very severe peanut/tree nut allergies
-has a severe egg allergy that has IMPROVED over the past year (YEAH!!!)
-likes UK...shares his Daddy's disdain for UofL
-has a quick temper but is a sweet heart too
-is so smart he is going to pass me up at around 2nd grade
-has the sweetest brown eyes and freckles
-has never lost a tooth but has recently sprouted two permanent teeth BEHIND his baby teeth
-loves FAKE TATTOOS with a passion
-thinks that the Dollar Store and Walmart are awesome
-loves spaghetti
-collects random things (watches, etc and stows them in his desk just like his Papa Tommy...)
-stole my heart six years ago when he made me his Mommy!
-has a great group of buddies that I hope he loves as much 20 years from now than he does now!


Stephanie said...

You forgot the part about his already arranged marriage to my middle daughter:)

DeAnna said...

Tell Noah his buddy Isaac says hi! Isaac came home the other day from school saying that he thought he might have seen Noah in the lunch room, ha.

April said...

I know one little girl that thinks Noah is really cool. I was reading your blog the other night and Olivia just lit up when she saw Mr. Noah's picture. She also wanted to see a picture of Noah's baby sister. She thought Annie was really cute.

Monica said...

Love your blog! I wanted to say thanks for sharing that cool little boy of yours with me this year. We are still figuring each other out, but, besides the UK thing, I really am enjoying him!
Hope to see you and that cute baby soon!