Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's Your Opinion?

I know that both girls looks alike (or they did when Lil was a newborn). But even I am amazed at the similarities in their newborn photos. Lilly's eyes are a little different but their hair, noses, and lips look identical to me. Compare the photos above (the top is Lilly Grace the bottom is Ann Elizabeth). I have had a few people say that Annie looks just like Noah but to me the similarities are more towards Lilly.
On a funny note, Noah keeps saying he hopes Annie's hair is straight. When I ask him why he says, "You know not crazy like Lilly's" and does his hands in a crazy all around gesture, which I must say, sums up his sisters hair in a nutshell.
Lil was very sweet this week towards her big brother. While we were eating lunch the other day out of the blue she said, "I miss bubby, bubby is my best fwiend." And then when Nana got home with him today she told her, "Thank you for bringing my bubby back!" It was too sweet. Or course they were fighting like cats and dogs about five seconds flat after that, but I take the sweet moments while they last!


Erica Simpson said...

They do really look so much alike!

Brittany said...

I can't even tell it is two different babies, looks like the same girl at a different angle!! Like twins!!! Precious!

Stephanie said...

They look so much alike....tell Noah I completely understand that crazy hair stuff--exactly how I describe mine when it's curly!ha!

Emily V. said...

Both babies are beautiful. I honestly thought both pictures were Annie. So I think it's safe to say the DEFINATELY share quite a few resemblences. Too funny about the crazy hair comment!
Glad things are going well. I stopped to check on ya at the hospital when you were in labor that Saturday but you hadn't delivered yet. She's a doll!

Melissa said...

I guess since I looked twice and thought, "How are we supposed to tell the difference when she didn't include a picture of Lilly???" that both girls look alike!!