Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reds win the Tournament

Noah has played baseball since he was four years old.  He started out very little playing t ball and spent a lot of time picking dandelions in the outfield and seeing how much dirt he could kick up with his cleats.  However, every year we've seen improvements and the past two years he has become quite the little baseball player. 

Travis has volunteered to help coach his team the past two seasons and this year they worked really hard as a team and improved a lot over the season. 

The final game of the tournament was so close.  In the last inning we were down by two runs and we had two outs.  With two runners on base Noah is up to bat.  He strikes twice and had two balls and kept fouling.  Then he managed to hurt his shin and I honestly didn't think he could run.  BUT his very last pitch he hits a good hit toward right field and manages to run into first base.  He hit the other two runners in and our team won the tournament!!!  This was such a big deal for us, and I hope I never forget the memory of his Daddy picking him up on his shoulder and running him off the field.  I did have my camera but I was jumping up and down and yelling so much I didn't get a picture!!!!  It was a great night!


Lesley said...

Love this story and so proud of that kid!!! (for many reasons!)

Jessica M said...

Woe! That is awesome!

Carol said...

Love that our boys have such great memories playing ball together. Go REDS!!!!!