Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Allergy Awareness Walk

As you guys know, I'm a board member of FEAST (food enducation/allergy support team) of KY. Anyway, this weekend was our first annual awareness walk and festival to raise community awareness (and funds!!!) for our kids with severe food allergies. We held the event at Preston Miller Park in BG and we had a great turnout. We had nearly 200 participants and raised nearly $6000 for our group! Best of all our kids got to run and play in a completely SAFE environment where they got to socialize with other kids who are just like them. I have such great family support and we had a lot of family members come out to support Noah!

Noah's favorite part of the entire day I think was getting his face painted....

Lil used the day to practice her new skill...standing up by herself. It hasn't occured to her to take a step yet, but I know that's coming any day now.

Noah touring the ambulance and visiting with the EMT's.


Shanna said...

So great that there are fun and safe things for Noah to enjoy!!

Brittany said...

good to see on saturday!
i thought the entire event went so well!!
love the pictures!

The Stice's said...

Congratulations on a good event! Glad Noah had a good time!!