Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alarming to anyone Else but Me

OK so in my long and arduous journey as a Mom of a child with severe food allergies I have discovered many things along the way. Some of which I wish I would have known to start with. Some may have made a difference some maybe not.

Anyway, as everyone knows Noah has a SEVERE peanut and egg allergy and Lilly was recently diagnosed with a level 3 egg allergy as well.

Getting to my point...the MMR vaccine contains an egg component. Noah does not receive the MMR vaccine for this very reason. We (and his Physician) sign a medical waiver against it.

Lilly did receive her 12m MMR vaccine before she was diagnosed. Within days of receiving the vaccine she awoke with a fever near 105. We had to immediatly put her in a bath of lukewarm water, do Motrin and Tylenol for several days. She had no other symptoms. However, the child had never been sick before this vaccine and now has been sick on and off since then. She has also been diagnosed with an egg allergy and the child HAS NEVER INGESTED EGG OR ANY FOOD CONTAINING IT. I am not saying that her vaccine caused the allergy or fever....but I can't help but wonder what the connection is.

Anyway, I have spent alot of time researching the possible causes of the increase in food allergies and one theory includes (you guessed it) a link between vaccinations and food allergies. OK I am not totally against vaccinating kids. I realize the diseases they prevent are horrible. I'm just saying ome kids may need diffeent options.

Lastly, I have come across something that I had no idea about that is very startling to me. I am willing to bet that most of you are not aware either. There are at least three vaccines that are routinely given (the Chickenpox Or Varicella vaccine being one of them) that are formulated from cells from aborted fetuses. As a mom who is absolutely pro-life, this fact in itself is alarming to me as well. (Google it and see what you find...)

Anyway, just something to ponder. I realize that I may take a lashing for some of these opininions, but it is my blog after all...


Shanna said...

This is a battle I fight within myself every "shot appt"...You know the odds are they are going to be fine, but I don't like taking ANY chance with my babies!! I wonder at times if it would at least help if they didn't get so many shots at one time??!!

Brooke said...

Jenny McCarthy was saying something very similar on Oprah this week.......of course her comment was directed at the vaccine/autism link, but the same would apply with food allergies as she made the comment (just like you) of "why so many vaccines at a time.....break them down a bit." You may be on to something. I'm sorry to hear about Lily's allergy. You are Wonder Woman in my eyes because you daily battle things I can't imagine. Hats off to you!

Julie said...

Ditto to Shanna's comment. I know the shots protect them from so much, but I wonder about their negative effects.