Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

So considering the fact that Travis and I have still not gotten to have a night out together for our ten year anniverary which was the day after Christmas...I didn't hold any high hopes that we would make it out for Valentine's Day. Factor in my crazy working schedule, a rampant stomach virus, a 17 month old with a 5 week bout of diahrea, two kids with food allergies who really can't eat at restaurants safely, we just can't seem to get a date night together. Oh and also, Travis has worked 19 days straight since the ice storm and has been putting in 70 hours plus at the office.

So, what did we do for the big day? Travis had to be at work at 5am that morning, so he was off and gone before me and the babies were awake. He did leave me a new book, some chocolate, and a lovely letter which has made me cry every time I've read it. He will probably kill me for posting this, but he has written me letters every Valentine's Day that we've spent together and they are really beautiful. He is not so much on sharing his feelings and all but I can always count on his Valentine's letter to be wonderful. I have kept every one of them, and wouldn't trade them for anything. He also left some goodies for our two little Valentine's as well. (Noah was psyched to realize that Valentine's day was another gift giving holiday and Nana as well as Pappaw Randy brought some goodies too.) I then spent the rest of the day working and tending to the babies. We had church that night, and we topped off the evening with a trip through the drive through at McDonald's. Thank goodness for apple dippers (no eggs, no nuts hurray!)

Sunday morning I had planned to cook Travis favorite dinner (Bar B Q ribs!) so I got up really early to put them on so they'd be ready when we got in from church. We then parked ourselved on the couch where me and the kids took an afternoon nap and Travis watched the Daytona race. We visited with both his parents and mine and basically had a wonderful Sunday.

After the babies went off to sleep I had to get in the office for some work time (which is hard to come by these days with Travis not being home to tend to the kids as much).

Anyway, I'm still hoping I get that date night out for my anniversary and maybe Valentine's Day too...maybe when the kids are in college...but our weekend home together was great too.


Nan said...

Hey Jessica! Jason and I had a "date" at McDonald's drive-thru after church Saturday night as well! Too funny :) I hope you and Travis get to go out on a "true" date soon!

The Butlers said...

Goodness Jessica, I really feel bad for you all that Travis has been having to work sooo much. This ice storm has really been hard on everybody.
Hope you all get to go out soon! We were going to go out, but it had been so long since we had been able to be home we just decided to stay and try to go out another time. I believe that last year it was April before we made it out for Valentine's!