Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Glad to Know...

I'm not the only Mommy who uses her remaining brain power for really important things like making up stories and playing tea party...and doesn't waste her remaining brain cells on things like remembering where she parked her car.

Why you ask?

I am the proud owner of a Silver Honda Pilot. Which yesterday happened to be parked directly across the parking lot from another Silver Honda Pilot.

I came out of the store and stood at my vehicle pressing my unlock button repeatedly and wondering why it wouldn't unlock and where did that license plate come from.

Ironically enough, there was another Mommy across the parking lot, pointing her key ring at MY silver pilot and wondering why it wouldn't unlock.

HA! We realized what we were doing at the same time and shared a good laugh.

Two words...Mommy brain


Shanna said...

We all share this wonderful gift...or curse!! :)

The Alexander Family of 4! said...

Totally laughing my guts out right now! I am really not laughing at you, really I am laughing with you! Totally have been there (before and during motherhood)!!!!