Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Readers

I sincerely apologize from my recent absence from the blogging world. However I have a good reason...I have spent the last week in a seemingly endless stream of doctor appointments!!! The good news is that most of these were routine checkups and only two of them consisted of sick children... This picture I took with my phone was at Noah's Vanderbilt appointment. Those aren't play glasses they actually test something and Noah could tell you exactly what but I can't remember. The people there are so great with him and are very thorough in the care we have received there.
In seven calendar days we have spent our time at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for eye checkups, a half a day with Dr. Gass for a checkup, labs, and tests, two appointments with Dr. Simmons for two strep tests and a nasty rash, Travis with family doctor for tonsillitis, and an allergy checkup and lab work with Dr. Cavanah.

With all of that said, let me say I am NOT complaining about these, as I realize all of this stuff is run of the mill ordinary things and not serious, they just take up lots of time!

Speaking of time...it's running out for the arrival of baby #3. I have about 8 1/2 weeks left to go if I go all the way to my due date. If this baby maker her arrival like Lilly then we may only have 4 or 5 weeks left to go. We shall see...either way it won't be long until we meet our little "kicker". The kids talk about her all the time, but I am really anxious to see how Lilly reacts to this baby. She adores babies...but of course she's never lived with one so I think it will be interesting. Also on a funny note, I saw an acquaintance the other day who I rarely get to talk to, and in passing she asked me when I was due. I told her and she looked at me and said (without smiling or joking), "Really, Three is SO hard." That was all she said and then she walked on. I'm trying not to let this comment give me cold sweats of fear. I realize three will be hard. There are days when two or one is hard....Perhaps she was just having a bad day...I'm choosing to think so.

On a side note...I know some of my customers read this blog. With that said, Dr. Gass is recommending that I only work through the very end of June. On his recommendation I will only be taking appointments until June 29th. At which time I will be off until after the baby arrives. If there is an appointment you would like to schedule PLEASE call now as my remaining appointment days are filling up very fast. Also, we will be in revival the first week or so of July and we have both day and night services so I will not be taking orders, etc. during that time. I hope this isn't an inconvenience to anyone but I feel like it's best for my health and the health of this baby to lighten my load a little bit in the last weeks of this pregnancy.


Lesley said...

And I thought I had been going to a lot of doctor's appointments! Wow that is a lot!

Three is a piece of cake! Once you've lost your sanity after having two you, you don't even realize the craziness with three. Don't sweat it!

Katie said...

Jess I just need to order from the last session we did. I will get my order in soon, but no worries if you can't get to it until later!

Allie Bolton said...

Jess, you are awesome at keeping it together and doing so much! I am impressed and in awe! Hope when I become a mother, I am as "together" and "with it" as you seem to be. Love you!