Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kiddo Rooms

So forever ago it seems I started redoing these kid rooms. I'm finally going to post a few pics even though the process is not complete yet. Ann Elizabeth's room will not be done until she gets here and I can hang photos of her and I'm still searching for the perfect thing to hang over Lilly's bed.

I must say, I am completely happy with all the bedding and curtains even though it took me months to commit to purchasing them. They came from Pottery Barn for all three rooms and especially the big kid's rooms are versatile enough to grow with them for awhile. The curtains in all three rooms are gingham panels. Lil's are light pink, Annie's are bright pink and Noah's are green. We ended up painting Lil's room yellow because that is her favorite! And the baby's room is green.

When the baby's bedding came in, my sweet friend Lesley stopped by to see it and of course we had to unpack it and put it on the bed to see how it looked. I might add this would seem like an easy job but with Lilly's rear end planted firmly in the baby bed it wasn't so simple! She now shows people her "yellow" room and her "green" room. Apparently all things girly in this house belong to her and new baby Annie will just have to find her own room....oh dear...

With that said I do have to add one funny note about my dear husband. Over the weekend we went ahead and got online and ordered our infant carrier and double stroller (thanks for the recommendation Deanna! we found a good deal on one too!) Anyway, I kind of wanted to go with a pink infant carrier. In the end I decided on green and brown JUST in case in the future we are ever blessed with a fourth Parsley baby. I showed this to Travis online and told him why I was getting the green. He just looked at me VERY seriously and shook his head and said that's out of the question.
"What's out of the question, a 4th baby?" I was a little surprised because he's always had the idea of the 4th.
"Nope, he says, "I now see that I am destined to have only girls no matter how many more there are!"
I might add that Travis is very excited about this new baby and is crazy about Lilly Grace. However, the last few weeks of terrible twos combined with Lilly's, shall we say, girl drama, combined with a hormonal wife who is 8 1/2 months pregnant could perhaps be putting our house on estrogen overload. A lot of times Travis and Noah retreat to the "boys room" with the Wii or the DS! Bless their hearts. We do love our boys though...even if they don't understand us most of the time. Travis has also begun fretting over his little "girls" dating which I think is hilarious, considering one hasn't even made her arrival yet. He has alot of worry time ahead of him I"m afraid.... Also Lil did talk him into playing tea party the other day, she was Belle and he was Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty and he had to sit in the little kid chair and drink out of the pink plastic teacup. He was a good sport about the whole thing. It takes a real man to drink from a tea cup!!!


Beth S said...

First of all let me say that I LOVE all of the new changes to the kids rooms. The last time I saw them, the changes were being made but not quite to this stage. Noah's room looks like a big boy (cry, cry). I love you all very much and I can't wait to meet my namesake Ann Elizabeth. =)

DeAnna said...

Love it all. Still hope I get to come see it before long. Hope you love the stroller as much as I do! If Lilly reacts anything like Ethan has she will be a tad jealous, but love her terribly and refuse to leave her alone (ethan is constantly giving her kisses and pulling at her hands...he means well but as soon as she is able I'm just sure she is going to smack him)! :) Ethan proudly announces to everyone "Dat Sophie, Dat MY baby sister!"
That is funny about Lilly convincing Travis to have the tea party. Can't wait to see Sophie and Andy having a tea party, hehe!

Carol said...

The rooms look great! Can't wait for Annie to get here...okay, well I can wait for a few more weeks, hopefully! :-)

Lesley said...

Don't know how I miss this post last week but I love it. The rooms look fantastic! Glad I was there to help put the bedding on despite the two girls we were having to work around while they played in the crib!

Love the tea party story - I hope you have a picture of that!

The Doyle Family said...

I love the bedding! All the rooms look great! Poor Travis. It sounds like he is a good sport and a great daddy!

Aimee said...

Pretty! I used the same bedding in Ava's room + wall color. Hope all goes well!