Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Perils of Potty Training

Potty training...what can I some kids it comes so easy... to some kids...not so much. I had been told numerous times over how much easier girls were to train than boys. I'm not sure that I buy that. I think some girls are just ready before boys.

What am I basing this on? I started trying potty training Noah a little passed 2. It was a complete disaster. He was confused...I was frustrated...we would let it pass and try again in a few weeks or months...this when on for another year. He was finally ready to train at 3. Once he was ready, the process was simple, painless, done in a few days! Voila'! Did I get sick of family members and other people asking me when I was going to get him potty trained? You bet, but I knew my kid and knew he could and would do it in his own time like everything else he did!

Fast forward to Lilly. The plan was that it would be great for her to be potty trained before new baby arrives. However, time slips away from us and here we are a few weeks away from the blessed event and Lil is still happily doing her business in her diaper. I have put panties on her and did the whole run to the potty every thirty minute bit...she's every bit as confused about the process as Noah was. And guess what? This time around I don't care who asks me when she's going to be potty trained (or give up the paci for that matter). When she's ready, she'll be ready, and that's that. Regardless of all the well meaning advice, etc. She's mine and I know when she's ready to do something and when she is not, and for now she is not. I still let her sit on the potty every time she wants to. We sit her on it before bathtime and bedtime, just to get her used to it, but as of now she hasn't made the connection of why she is sitting there...and that is fine. I'm fairly certain she will not go to kindergarten in diapers or with a pacifier wagging out of her mouth. For now, she's 2, she's still our baby and she has the rest of her life to be a big girl.


Sherri said...

Amen sister!!! Stick to it!! They grow up too quickly as it is!! Mom asked me the other day when we were taking Callie's pacifier (she's only 11 months old!!!)....Of course I had nothing to do with taking Carson's when they did and I'm certainly not ready to take Callie-bug's!! :)

Anonymous said...

ok...I wish I could make the word AMEN as big as the post! I'm right there with you. Jaxen is just now recognizing when he pee's and poops, and he was 2 in April....I just am letting it go. We won't go broke with 2 in what will be will be! He will do it when he is ready! :-) I completely know where you are coming from!