Monday, November 9, 2009

Anyone feel like this?

Sometimes I am completely amazed at the words that I hear coming from my own mouth. For example, the other day, I found myself having to say,

"Do not put your sister into that duffle bag...."

Really, does this post need anything else???


Lesley said...
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Lesley said...

You have apparently forgotten my post along these lines where I can't believe I found myself saying, "STOP licking the bottom of my feet!"

Carol said...

FUNNY! Can't wait for those conversations between my boys...or maybe I can.

LCP said...

That is OK...yesterday I yelled at my daughter because she was putting a hat on...a hat on over the hair that I just brushed into a nice pony...but she wanted to wear a hat...and I yelled at her. Made sense right before I did it...but then hearing it come out of my mouth sounded so absurd. We do goofy things that sound great in our head until they come out into the words!

By the way, I found your blog via Emmaline's World...just so you know I am not a stalker!!