Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just a Little Perspective

Some days I run in a complete circle to get everyone fed, and bathed, and clean and on time for church. Some days I totally lose sight in the reason I go to church in the first place with all of the shuffle that goes on to get us out the door on time on Sunday mornings. Then some days like today happens.

This past week has gone by in a blur. I have worked almost non stop when I wasn't with the kids. I have fretted myself to death about orders getting completed, customers getting called back etc. It has almost gotten the best of me.

So back to this morning...We are on the way to church this morning when Lilly has fallen asleep and Noah is in one of his "thoughtful" moods. In other words, he's not jabbering on a mile a minute and he's not singing, or fussing, etc. These are the times when I try to have our Mommy and Noah talks. (Because any other time he's talking too much to listen so it seems like these talks happen either when we're in the car, we're cooking dinner together or I'm tucking him in at night) I take the opportunity to talk to Noah about church.

"Noah, do you know why we go to church on Sundays?" I ask

"No, why" says Noah

"Well do you have any good ideas?" I ask him, he thinks about it and then answers, "Well God and Jesus."

I tell him that is right, and that that is the most important thing we do. It's the most important thing we will ever do and the very most important thing he will ever do, is to go to church and to try to serve God and love him and to raise his family when he is a grown up to love God. I repeat again, that it's the most important thing he'll ever do.

He thinks about this for a long long moment and then his answer made me catch my breath.

"Mom," he says, "It's more important than money?"

Trying to answer without him hearing my voice catch, I reply, "Yes, buddy, it's more important than money."

It amazes me that through one tiny conversation with my five year old, God can completely put my week back into perspective.


Lesley said...

I have decided something about your blogging tonight - your posts either make me laugh hysterically or they make me cry. Tonight was a teary one!

Patty Ramsey said...

OK...I'm like Lesley...Every time I read your posts I'm either laughing or crying and sometimes both. Children certainly have a way with words sometimes that really puts us in our place.

Carol said...

I agree with Lesley and Patty. Great post!