Monday, March 15, 2010


Well I am on a kick to get some things done in this house before baby #3 arrives and on the list included curtains.

I got REALLY industrious not too long ago and made valances to go on my french doors and they actually turned out better than I expected. So...I researched how much the fabric and lining would cost me to make the bedroom curtains and I found some that were actually the same print and a little less expensive than buying all the stuff to make them (and they were lined too). I would have some lovely photographs to show you but I bought the wrong rods (they weren't heavy enough) so I'll try to get the correct rods sometime before this wild week is over and maybe I"ll manage a picture or two.

That's about as exciting as it gets around here today. I've had busy studio sessions all weekend and this evening and the rest of the week...but I'm trying to accomplish as much as possible while I still feel good.

On a baby 3# is moving around...alot!!! I can't wait for Monday to get another peek at him/or her. Just for fun, leave me a comment and tell me your boy/girl vote. On the name front...we actually have a few for boys and girls that we can both civilly agree to. (OK Noah doesn't agree to them but moving right along...)

Lilly's temper tantrums have actually g0tten a little better. I really think the sinus infection and all the meds she was having to take were contributing to them. She has been in a much better humor the last few days. She's still into everything but at least we're having not so many meltdowns.


Carol said...

I'm going for boy but will be just as excited with a girl. Can't wait to hear. Are Noah and Lilly going with you?

jparsley said...

The munchkins are not going with us. I want to be able to see and hear what the technician has to say!!! But seriously, the last few times I've went the wait has been REALLY long and I don't want them to have to wait that long.

Lesley said...

Who am I to disagree with Bro. Junior? Boy for me too :)

The Butlers said...

Glad to hear that Isaac isn't the only one protesting his parent's baby name choices. Isaac has FINALLY decided that it is ok to name her Sophie, lol.

Ok, I think I am going to guess boy. Although, I was thinking if it is a girl how much fun you will have dressing them in matching outfits! :)

Alicia Jane said...

I am voting boy as well! One thing for sure is it will be beautiful! You have a track record for that :)

Lana said...

I personally hate to go against papaw jr.'s pencil test but I really hope it is a girl. Their just so cute not that Noah isn't but you can dress lil girls up in frillies and such however if it is a boy I will love him just as much. As for names just remember for a boy " estile " is always available. Hahahaha