Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where to Start?

There is so much to catch up on it makes me tired to think of where to start. So I'll start with the most important I suppose!

Dad was released from the hospital after having a PIC line inserted in his arm for permanent IV access. He goes back to the hospital every day to get his IV antibiotics. He will do this for another week. He meets again with a kidney specialist and an infection specialist next week to see what the status of all his tests are then. He is feeling some better, but is still weak. He is very glad that they decided he didn't have to remain the entire two weeks in the hospital! I'm still praying that all of this stuff resolved when the meds are finished.

I did end up testing positive for strep as did Travis. We finished our meds and I was relieved when the stomach virus hit poor Lilly full force. We were up all night earlier in the week and the poor little thing threw up probably 30 times in one night. It's been five days and she is still having some stomach issues but I'm hoping that runs it's course soon.

Travis left work Friday with the stomach bug having hit him. He was sick AGAIN all day Friday and still doesn't feel well today.

So I have spent the majority of my week washing sick laundry and lysoling things....

On to happier, non sick related things....we had an ultrasound on Monday and the tech informed us that we are expecting another baby GIRL! We are very shocked because we both thought this baby was a boy but we are very excited. Dr. Gass says that everything on the ultrasound looks exactly like it should and we are thrilled! The tech on Monday wouldn't give us a for sure answer that the baby was a girl because of the way she was laying. Soo...we made an appointment with the lady at Precious View to confirm. She saw the baby from several different angles and said that she felt 99.9 percent certain this baby is a girl. She also said that her cord was between her legs and there was a teensy chance it could be hiding something but from every other angle she felt confident it is a girl... I do have to have another ultrasound in April because there were a couple of other pictures from the ultrasound that they couldn't get because of baby's position so I guess we'll have a third opinion! After the ultrasound at Precious view i got to keep a dvd of the ultrasound and at one point you can see the baby was very sweet! She also kept putting her little hands up by her face and eyes.

I am sure some other things happened this week but at the moment I am failing to recall what any of them are....

Oh yeah and we are gearing up for the UK game...see Lil's excitement. She's saying "Go Big Blue!"


Lesley said...

So glad that everyone is on the mend! Glad I could supply you with meds the other night :)

So so happy that Ellie Claire is going to have one more sweet girl to grow up with!

Erica Simpson said...

Congratulations on your baby girl!

Alicia Jane said...

Sorry for such rough weeks you have had!!! I am hoping life will be back to normal ASAP!!! Congrats on the news of a baby girl!

Em Cass said...

Congrats on a baby girl! Do we have a for sure name? Glad your dad is doing better. Hopefully these next few weeks will be better to you!