Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yep I tredged my sick self to the doctor this morning and after they gouged a rather large cotton swab down my throat it was confirmed that I do indeed have strep.

I got very little sleep last night because my dratted ear is hurting as bad as my throat. However, I took a mega dose of antibiotic today and am willing myself to be better by tomorrow. I am going to drink a half gallon of acai juice and green tea and see if I can't resemble a person tomorrow.

I apologize to all my poor clients I have had to reschedule but I promise you will thank me to keep your kiddos from getting this, it's no fun.

Travis is still looking like death warmed over... I suppose he'll be on the mend soon enough! Send some healthy thoughts are way and I'm pretty sure if the sun would pop out and the weather would warm up I would feel immensely better.


Stephanie said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Alicia Jane said...

Hope you guys get all better very soon!!!!! Been thinking of you all!

Carol said...

I've decided that strep is sent straight from the devil! Ugh!