Monday, March 1, 2010

Sick update

Yep...they're sick. We made it into the office this morning and Noah has strep and an ear infection and Lilly has a sinus infection, and eczema flareup and asthma flareup. Fun times...then I trudge to CVS with two sick children and they claim that there has been no prescriptions called in for Parsley. I call the pediatricians office back and assure me that they were and that they will double check. So I have to wait some more and finally give up and call Travis to pick up the meds on his way home.

Now I am home attempting to get them both to nap. Noah is on the couch with a cartoon and Lilly is jumping like a monkey in her crib....did I mention decongestants hype her up a teensy bit?

BTW did anyone notice that there is snow forecasted for in the morning? Surely this is wrong because it is now March and I think we should see some sunshine....I feel sure it would dry up all the snot that's at my house. (Sorry for the gross visual picture)


Lesley said...

I hated to hear how sick they both were! Strep throat its the worst. Sawyer could be a poster child for it I'm afraid.

Okay, the CVS thing drives me crazy!!! EVERYTIME I pull up and tell them what I'm picking up they say it wasn't called in. EVERYTIME I swear!! I'm offically switching everything to the new place in Brownsville even if it's not handy - they were wonderful when I was there recently.

Carol said...

Sorry your babies are sick! I'm with you on the CVS thing...not so much the not getting called in thing, but the "taking so long that I end up having Dad bring it home for me" thing. GRR! Hope everyone feels better ASAP!

Alicia Jane said...

Glad to know Walgreens isn't the only pharmacy like that and Lesley I agree that the small town pharmacies are soooo much better!

Sorry the babies are so sick!! Thought of you all day wondering what the docter said. Hopefully they will be all better very soon!

Staffanne said...

Hoping that your babies are better soon! I am a big Alford's Pharmacy Fan....they are so sweet! I just use Walgreens if it is on the weekends or at night.