Friday, March 20, 2009


Just letting everyone know I won't be posting anything for awhile. Our revival started at Jock tonight and I will have more important matters at hand than my current blogging addiction. Unfortunately, I had to go to church tonight alone because my two babies are under the weather so Daddy stayed home and tended the nest. I'll be glad when everyone is feeling better again. We both feel like it is so important for us to go to church together as a family and when one or the other doesn't get to go it doesn't feel whole. I get overwhelmed taking two small kids to church services and I get so stressed out when they are loud or messy or whatever but when my five year old looks at me and tells me that we got to revival to help someone get to go to heaven someday I know that it's worth every minute.


Carol said...

We'll miss you while you're away! :-) I completely understand. Hope everyone's better soon!

Lesley said...

You have been SUPER blogger lately. Weill miss you : )

Stephanie said...

Noah just summed it all up...too cute! You have been the super blogger lately:)