Monday, March 9, 2009

Because it's so much fun on facebook

I know, I know, I know, you either love the random "notes" on facebook or you hate 'em. Well unfortunately I happen to love them. I'm pretty sure that it's vain to enjoy writing about yourself, but here goes anyway

20 Totally random things about me

1) I have way more hobbies than I have time. I love to read, take pictures, make stuff, cook, bake, make candles, scrapbook, etc. etc. etc. I could go on. I have been known to go on three and four hours of sleep a night just so I could do some of the stuff I like after the babies have gone to sleep. My husband knows this about me, thinks it's quite strange, and shakes his head. However, after the last "hobby" enabled me to have enough income to quit doing hair and to stay home with and raise our family...he's become quite a fan of my photography "hobby" However, he did nip it in the bud when I told him I'd love to know how to sew...

2) I am a horrible worrier. I can worry with the best of them. I worry about more things than could ever possibly befall one human in a lifetime, but it doesn't stop me from worrying. I used to worry about Mom and Dad, me and Travis...then the babies were born...they have since provided me with a constant birage of new worries....Then I worry about what my constant worrying is doing to them and if they will be in counseling one day telling a psychologist how much their mother used to worry about them. It's a vicious cycle really.

3) I drive like a grandma. Seriously... I rarely ever speed, I sometimes have to consciously drive fast enough to not have cars backed up behind me like a parade. I'm not sure why this is, it's been the same since I was a teenager.

4) I CANNOT stand the sound of someone's teeth hitting a fork. The sound of teeth on metal drives me insane. Seriously, Travis and I have had several arguments over why he has to bite a salad fork

5) I used to be totally convinced that I would never be able to have kids (Please see random fact #2) You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out I was expecting Noah.

6) I am an only child but I have a huge extended family. My mom is one of five kids and my daddy is one of four. I'm closer to my cousins than most people are to their actual siblings. We don't usually leave family functions without a huge round of hugs and kisses. I love this about my family, I've loved it since I was a child, and my kids think nothing of 20 people hugging and kissing them every time we leave my Mammaw's.

7) Both my children have food allergies. Neither me or my husband have food allergies. We are both allergic to everything else under the sun. We both had the same allergist as children. Dr. Rheem used to tell us both, "Never marry someone with allergies." Go figure...

8) Both Travis and I have lived in Edmonson County our entire lives and can both honestly say that we've never had any desire to live anywhere else or ever expect to want to. We talked about getting married on our first date and we meant it. I was 14 and he was 17. People think that's small town and ridiculous. I could care less. When you know, you just know.

9) I was pretty much a nerd in school, but I was very in denial. I graduated with a 4.0 at high school and continued it through Western. I however, hated to study and am still not sure how I managed those grades. I did love and still do love to read.

10) I have lived an incredibly sheltered life and most of my friends know it. I've never smoked a cigarette and never tasted the first drop of alcohol. I'm not bragging...that's just how it happened. I definitely had the opportunities, I think I was always scared my Daddy would find out... I realize that a lot of people think this is ridiculous and that I'm "uncultured" or whatever and that's fine. I can honestly say I don't care in the least.

11) I love coffee and I I will drink it any time of the day or night. Travis detested coffee until our darling Noah was born and he refused to sleep (Noah I mean, Travis would gladly sleep) Travis learned to love coffee and now drinks it as much as I do. He drinks his coffee out of a cup with Noah's baby handprint on it, and for Christmas got me a mug with Lilly's baby hand print on it. We'll probably be drinking out of those mugs when our kids are in college.

12) Families with lots of kids fascinate me. I DVR epidsodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 17 kids and counting. I have no desire to actually give birth or to raise that many kids, I just think it's amazing that they have any sort of order. I have trouble keeping a family of four running smoothly.

13) I am scared of hearing people talk in their sleep if I don't expect it. All of the members of my people (including Lilly Grace who is only 17 months old) talk in their sleep. It still makes me jump if I'm not expecting to hear them. Noah does say hilarious things though, and Travis mainly fusses at people he works with...this is funny in itself...but hearing people talk at 2 am still creeps me out.

14) I have a birthmark on my right wrist you've probably never noticed.

15) I can never remember to charge my cell phone or to keep it where I can hear it. I know people who try to call me on my cell phone hate's never on and it's never with me. Seriously, if you've ever been able to reach me on my cell phone consider yourself lucky. Travis recently bought me a blackberry hoping I would use it the same time, it infuriates me if I call Travis on his cell phone and I can't reach him... doensn't he know it could be an emergency?

16) I am perhaps the most unathletic person you'll ever meet. I've never been athlethic and I have pretty much given up all hope at this point. I am all for my kids being athletic but they' won't get it from me.

17) I never thought that I would be "OK" with driving a minivan. But you know what, I'm almost 30, I'm a mother of 2, and most places I go I need two car seats, a stroller, a diaper bag and a camera tripod...a minivan suits me just fine.

18) I could not tell you my eye color. Seriously, they're either, green or blue or gray and I don't think anyone else could tell you either. I've asked people, they look and then they say ,"Well they're kinda of, I mean well they are, " then they never answer, it's OK, i don't have an answer either.

19) I have had a couple of fears since I was a child. Snakes, housefires, and traintracks. I read a story once about the vibrations from a train being able to stall the locks on your car and I've never been able to get it out of my head. One of my best friends in the world lives in a house that you have to cross train tracks (with no light no less) to get there. I could panic thinking about having to get there across those stupid train tracks.

20) I absolutely, undeniably, know the power of prayer. The Lord had mercy enough to save me when I was a 9 year old girl and I began a relationship that day that has sustained me until now, and will continue to sustain me for eternity. I have had prayers answered in ways that were so real that they could have been spelled out on paper in front of me. I however, am just now getting far enough along on my journey with God to begin to understand that sometimes when God doesn't answer a prayer the way I wanted it to be answered, doesn't mean that it wasn't answered.


Lori said...

You are too sweet, I'm so glad to know you! I think you may have stollen #s 16, 17 & 18 off my list! They are me exactly! So glad to know I'm not the only one with no athletic skills and weird color eyes, driving a minivan!

Shanna said...

So many of your points hit home with me as well...How are our children so PERFECT??

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Okay, we are so alike! No joke, except for coffee (replace with tea) and the huge family with kisses, that list could've been about me! No wonder we're such good friends!

Sorry I had to delete my first one. I found a typo!

Lesley said...

Thanks Jessica - this was a treat for me since I don't "facebook." I loved learning a few things about you that I didn't know - I'll be looking for that birthmark the next time I see you.

You've inspired me. I'm going to make my own list to post in a day or two : )

Kimberly said...

Right there with you on the worrying. If there was nothing to worry about, I'd worry about what I had forgotten to worry about. It seems like forever since I've talked with you. Are you eagerly awaiting the Twilight release on Saturday? Give the babies kisses for me.