Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why...Because I"m a lunatic...that's why???

I am so so so tired...I'm tired from having chased my crazy children all day long...especially the little one who has discovered jelly...and ketchup... and can't keep from getting everything she eats in her hair and her impossibly long eyelashes.... and who uses any second with my back turned to scale the kitchen table and to perch herself precariously from the light fixture (no I'm not kidding...)
I am tired from getting ready to take pictures for my darling Nick's wedding (who may as well be my brother) because I totally stress myself out over other people portraits when they're my responsibility... I am also insanely jealous of his beautiful new bride who I'm pretty sure had to buy her wedding dress in a size 1 or something like that (Just kidding know I love you)
I am tired from cleaning up precisely 987 toys everyday that get left out by Noah's little hands because he's swears he's not done playing with them...
So why do you ask am I on the internet at 11 oclock at night when I could be getting some sleep to get ready for an impossibly long day tomorrow? (which will start at 5 am) Because sometimes a girl just needs five minutes of quiet to herself...oh yeah and I'm a lunatic...that' why!

Oh yeah...and I got a super cool new camera and I rented some new lenses to play with at the's hard to sleep when there are fun new toys to be played with....

PS Have not idea what I'm wearing to the wedding, but got the kiddos super cute co-ordinating outfits which they will hate me for when they are sixteen because I'm sure there's a law somewhere that says you should not make a five year old boy match his 1 year old sister...but it's so much fun I can't resist, even if it puts me on the evil mommy list. (Travis just keep rollin' your know it's cute...)

Lastly (is lastly a word?) took some really sweet newborn pictures today... I love tiny tiny babies...almost makes me want another one...almost...but then I recall the ketchup and jelly...and light fixture acrobatics and that makes me tired again. I'm going to bed now


Anonymous said...

The outfits were absoluity precious, and the pictures will be too...Stop worring!


The Doyle Family said...

You crack me up, Jess. I love you!