Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attention Photograpy Clients...

Hey Guys, just a quick note to any of you who are my photography clients. I have officially been taking portraits now for nearing 5 years and as you can imagine I have literally tens of thousands of photo files saved on my computer, my external hard drive and saved on discs.

I am in the process of purging some of my oldest files so soon some of the photo sessions that were over a 1 to 2 years old will no longer be available to purchase.

However, I have decided before I permanently delete anything I will offer anyone who wishes to purchase the digital negatives (your fully edited files on CD) along with a full copyright release for $50 per session. This means you would be able to print, copy, or put together any albums you wish, publish your images to blogger, facebook, etc. I have several customers who have expressed interest in putting these discs in safety deposit boxes as well to have as backups in case of fire, etc. Exceptions...this offer is only good for sessions shot during or prior to 2007. Also, if you wish to purchase the entire year of a baby club, the CD's are priced per session, not per year.

Clear as mud? I thought so!! Anyway, if you are interested in getting any of your files before they are permanently removed from storage please email me at

If you want to get a CD please contact me BY SEPTEMBER 1st. I am hoping to have a lot of file transfers complete before the busy busy busy fall and Christmas season hits! Thanks!!!!

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