Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zoo Trip

I meant to post about this before school started but as always I'm a little behind! We had promised Noah all summer that we would take him to the zoo. So the week before school started I had some unexpected cancellations on a day that wasn't horribly hot so Mom and I planned a spur of the moment trip to the zoo. We went to the Nashville Zoo mainly because we had been to the Louisville Zoo not very long ago.

This was also my first major driving through downtown Nashville. Anytime we drive anywhere very far Travis always does the navigating, but I decided that with the trusty GPS I could manage and I did. It was a little stressful and I was very thankful that I do not have to drive in that traffic everyday.

The kids had a blast and the favorite for both of them (much to my dismay) was the reptile house. (Noah loved the snakes and Lilly screamed and shrieked with excitement about the bi bogs (translations big frogs). I truly have never seen a girl who loves frogs so much...

We had a great day and Nana got to tell the story to Noah of how when I was a little girl I would cry and beg not to have to go into the reptile house. (Have I mentioned I have a horrible fear of snakes?)

Anyway, enjoy the photos!


Heather said...

How cute!! What is it about kids and reptiles??!!

The Butlers said...

Cute pics! Love Lilly's shades. (By the way, he doesn't cry or anything, but Andy still doesn't like to go in the reptile house :).