Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is this REALLY the last week of summer break???

We have been like crazy people here trying to squeeze everything in the last week of summer. We had doctor's appointments, I worked every evening, had to run paperwork back and forth to the allergy specialist and participate in an epi-pen training at SEE so at the end of the week we did manage to squeeze in some fun!

Thursday we met my friend Lera and her two sweet boys for some lunch at Pizza Hut and then we took them to play at Chuck E Cheese (aka Chunky Cheese as Noah refers to it). The boys played forever and then ran into their other friend Evan and they played and played some more! Well the big boys played, Lilly and Baby Eli kind of just took it all in. Lilly was highly concerned with the huge mouse and she kept saying, No mouse, no..."

Then on Friday we had a play date with the Butlers! The boys spent the day playing superheroes and dressing up as all their favorite characters and Lilly kind of tagged along. Although at some point we did overhear Noah informing her she was the "wife".... Also my sweet friend Deanna actually taught me how to operate my sewing machine and we managed to make a pillowcase dress for Lilly. I felt so domestic...Of course it was all thanks to Deanna's coaching!!! Friday night, Travis and I decided to take the kids to the drive-in at Franklin. We dressed the kids in their jammies, made a pit stop on the way for snacks, and spent the evening watching G-Force and the proposal. Noah LOVED it...Lilly not so much...but after she went to sleep we managed to finish both movies. Noah actually stayed awake for about half the second movie before he gave it up also. They were so cute parked between us on the truck seat with their little jammies and their snacks, well they were cute until Lil tried to bail out the open window. We didn't get home until almost 1 am!!!

Today Travis kept the kids and Mom and I ventured to Elizabethtown to finish school shopping for Noah (to purchase some clothing without skulls or electric guitars). It was the first Saturday I haven't worked in literally 6 months and I can't even remember the last time mom and I got to shop together without the kiddos so we had a great day!!! We ate breakfast and then hit the mall. We made it in for church at Jock tonight and then we went to my grandmother's to celebrate a family birthday.
We have church again tomorrow and then dinner with the family and then visiting some more and then we will have to get in bed early for SCHOOL the next morning!!! So far it's been a fun weekend, I"m just trying to catch my breath.

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The Butlers said...

Wow, can't believe you all made it to the movies Friday night too...and Noah stayed awake that long!! :) Thanks again for having us over. We had a great time. Hope things go well tomorrow.