Sunday, February 28, 2010

Under the Weather

Well it's been coming for a while now I suppose. My two little munchkins have been threatening runny noses and suspiciously worse sounding coughs for the last several days. We have really tried to lay low, take our meds, drink some juice and take the vitamins but to no avail they are officially sick. We got up today and Noah announced he didn't feel good and proceeded to lay on the couch all morning. This is the boy who usually gets out of bed by 6 am with more energy and force than a steam engine and doesn't ever stop! He has a sore throat and a mild fever and gallons of stuff running out of his poor little head.

Lil on the other hand has a nasty cough and a fountain of yuck from her nose. She also is covered in a rash (probably eczema which tends to flare when she's sick.) So after deciding that we definitely couldn't take them to church it was decided I'd stay with the sickly and Travis went on to church.

While he was gone I made beans and cornbread and potatoes and no one ate it but me and Travis. The kids didn't have much of an appetite but they did manage to eat some Popsicles.

I suppose we'll be making a trip to the pediatrician in the morning to see what's going on. We really have made it a pretty good stretch without having to go to the doctor but I knew it was too good too last! Noah is devastated at the thought of having to miss a day of school but I told him we'd just have to see what the doctor said.

Wish us luck, I missed everyone this weekend!!!


Stephanie said...

Hope you all get feeling better....I missed you at church today:) Trying to get an appointment at the pediatrician on Monday morning is a game of luck....good luck!

Alicia said...

Get better Noah and Lilly!! Hang in there Jessica :) It is hard enough to have one sick baby but two is very challenging!

Lesley said...

I was worried that it was one of the kids when you all weren't at church. Travis got away before I had a chance to ask.

Tell Noah I promise not to do anything really fun without him : ) No heads up seven up I promise!

Beth S said...

Aww, my babies are sick! Kiss them from Aunt Beth. Love you all!