Monday, April 13, 2009

Start Voting....NOW!!!

OK guys, quick post to let you know I'm taking votes on the model search.

Here are the rules.

1)You must email the votes to me

2) You may only vote one time per gallery. (Vote for one picture number only)

3) Anyone is qualified to vote but I will only accept one vote per email address per gallery.

4) All votes will be kept confidential. I will try to update as far as who's in the lead but I will not reveal who was voted for by whom.

Here are the contestants...

Ellie Claire

You can view their galleries by clicking
Scroll toward the bottom of the page....they are the most recent listed.

VOTING WILL END AT MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY THE 18th. I will announce the winner on my blog and they will win a 16x20 wall portrait as well as their portraits being featured in some new ad campaigns for the studio. Good luck and have fun!!!

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