Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contest Preview...

So all of my beloved readers who read my previous post know that as a person with asthma since I was six years old, know that when I get under the weather, cold, sinus infection, etc. instead of getting over it in a few days it often travels to my lungs where I end up on a nebulizer, or in the worst case in the ER. This is a scenario that has been repeated numerous times since I was a little girl. Fast forward to 2009. I now see a wonderful specialist who keeps a tight rein on my asthma symptoms...we haven't had an ER trip in 2 years!! Yahoo!!! The second that my lungs start getting "gunky" we go antibiotics and sometimes oral steriods, like I am today.

Has anyone else ever taken steriods (legally I mean, not as an athelete HAHa!) Basically you can go for days with out getting tired. Seriously, I started taking them yesterday and I went to bed last night at 1 am and didn't get to sleep until 3 am. Then I got up with the kids at 6. And seriously, I'm not even the least bit tired. I think that I should live on steroids, (oh except they really make you hungry and I'm sure it's not healthy to get three hours of sleep a night) but anyway... And I have went over 24 hours without having to be hooked up to a breathing treatment AWESOME!!!
The kids are much better today. Aside from having to wrestle Noah to get him to take his eye drops, all seems to be getting better. Lilly was in a much better humor today and didn't look like she had been rolled around by a cat or something.

I have promised them that after their house arrest is up for the week (meaning when they're pink eye is not contagious anymore) we will go to see Monsters VS Aliens on Friday. So if anyone else is going then you might want to rethink it. Lilly Grace in a movie theatre is fun for us, not so much for the other movie patrons. But they deserve it!!!

I'm posting some preview picks for the contest. You voters have a HARD job. I'll keep you posted when voting begins. I'll also post the rules to keep it fair. Just keep in mind, I'm NOT judging the photos. They will completely be tallied by your votes. Enjoy the beautiful kiddos!

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Alicia Jane said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! Hope you guys are feeling better! So glad I took the boys! Not only did I get some awesome pictures of the boys but I got to know you better and what a sweet person you are! Hopefully we can get the boys together to play sometime!